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drying bud in microwave

Pick a bud that it not to thick and put it I front of a blow dryer, about 4 or 6 inches away, without the temperature turned up so it just blows room temperature air that is slightly heated by the running of the fan. Check it in a few hours and see if it is getting close. What’s a few hours after months?

A word of caution AND advice — as many will tell you, drying is part of the process of activating the THC in the trichomes. Smoking wet weed is a WASTE as it doesn’t burn well and you barely get high off of it (unless you don’t have a tolerance) — be sure to give it at least 20-30 minutes and make sure the outside is dry to the touch and inside is no moister than a bag of kb you’ve gotten that’s on the ‘moist’ side — and for advice, taking the longer time to completely dry the bud will result in more potent buds than only a partial drying. Added on: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 Viewed: 7977 times
My buds quick dried look like my regular dried buds. they aren’t all messed up from some freaky quick dry and they can be dried on short notice!

What I do is set my toaster on a low setting (1-3). Mine also has a ‘defrost’ setting which is supposed to make it cook for a longer time, although that’s not necessary for this method. You’ll need to expiriment with your particular toaster to find out which settings works best for you.
A small bud might be ready and a thick bud not half close to being ready but again you pick something smallish and check and when about right try it. It will still taste like hay or lawn clippings but you will not have lost THC to heat.
I have tried most of the quick dry methods in the current quick dry FAQ. The quicker ones usually didn’t produce good quick dried bud (oven, microwave, etc) and the longer ones did produce quicker dried buds but not QUICK dried buds When I say quick, I mean I need my buds ready in at least less than half an hour.
As far as the taste goes, if you grow with chems I don’t know what your buds will taste like as I don’t. I grow 100% organic and my quick dried buds are perfectly tolerable and as tastey as most commercial sensemilla and definitely better tasting than schwag! If you are wanting to do a lot of quick drying, I recommend going organic as I wouldn’t want to taste unflushed chem buds!
One final note, much like regular dried buds they do retain some moisture inside unless you take the longer time to completely dry them out with the quick dry (which IS possible — just takes longer), so if you do not smoke them immediately, they may regain some of the moisture lost just as fresh dried buds put in a mason jar will regain some moisture when you first put them in a mason jar.

There are other ways too but most everyone has a blow dryer around.

does this decrease potency? i notice that the center of the bud gets really hot, steaming actually. also, is mold killed by the microwave? Thanks for the…