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dry ice weed

Dry ice weed

Percentage of Weight Returned as Hash: 43.5%

Bubble Hash (best quality) – 2.64 grams
This was a close one. Bubble Hash brings so much perceived potency that it should almost be an automatic win. Almost.

Percentage of Weight Returned as Hash:15.6%
Making dry-ice hash. After mixing your cannabis bud or trim with dry-ice in a bucket, you put the mixture in the same type of bubble bags and shake the hash onto a table.
Hash is a collection of the extracted resin glands (trichomes) from a cannabis plant. The effects of hash are typically much stronger than straight cannabis flowers because trichomes contain concentrated amounts of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. The two most common types of hash made at home may be bubble hash and dry-ice hash. After releasing tutorials on how to make your own Bubble Hash and Dry-Ice Hash, we received quite a few emails on the subject of hash. Everyone seems to love extracts in all forms, but there were two distinct opinions that kept showing up over and over again.
Dry-Ice Hash (decent quality) – 2.47 grams
Bubble Hash requires you to combine some weed/trim with freezing cold water. The super-cold mixture is then agitated which causes the resin (good stuff) to fall off the weed and into the cold water. That weedy-water is then filtered with a sieve and the hash is left over in the process.

Dry Ice Hash (good quality) – 3.65 grams

Bubble Hash and Dry-Ice Hash are two of the most popular extracts you can make from cannabis! But which is better? Find out which hash deserves your time!