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dro marijuana

Dro marijuana

Thus the Five Questions here in Forbes Vices.

JB: Through our initial experiences as a lifestyle streetwear brand, we observed a need in the industry for high-end cannabis. A friend of ours and top notch cultivator, Willy Gardiner, needed a brand that would match with his technique, dedication, and focus on the plant. So it made sense to put a familiar face with the product. This also allowed us a really fun opportunity to get creative with the packaging by blending our pop-culture expertise and the cannabis product that our consumers were looking for.
JB: I’m from South Central, Los Angeles so growing up, the people we looked up to were the neighborhood drug dealers. You really had to dig down deep or get caught up in the bull. My brother always inspired me, because he played professional basketball which motivated me to play and then allowed me to have different experiences. I’ve been around cannabis all my life since day one. So what I’m doing today is perfect.

I first met Witt Rabon while judging the Connoisseur Cup of Cannabis, held in Denver, Colorado. Not only did he bring a smile into the room when he walked in, because everyone loves Witt, I can honestly say that he towered over everyone in the super tall ceilinged room. When he sits down in front of you, at least myself at five/nine and a half; I had to stand up to see him eye to eye. Witt smiles when he speaks, thus he commands your attention immediately, his candor and kindness are the basis of his passion, what he is doing in life, his path. I found by listening that when Witt speaks, his own unique form of verbal poetry flows out. He is peaceful inside and well spoken. Witt has amazing stories to tell about a multitude of topics and the time that you take to listen to his stories, deep memories are made. I may have a certain level of knowing, but Witt is so tuned in to his unique life, he’s seen things that I can only dream about seeing in my life.
DRO Flower Dead Cherries
JB: A frequent stigma we’ve encountered is the idea that “Weed and sports don’t mix” — which is wrong. 10 years ago the perception was very different. I personally wouldn’t talk publicly about cannabis because I was a professional athlete, and I had to protect my job. But as athletes, almost everyone was smoking cannabis to help cope with injuries, depression etc.10 years later The NBA. MBL, NHL and NFL are no longer testing for cannabis. A lot of groundwork has been done in the last 10 years alone to reduce those stigmas.
Pic by Alpine Collective/Hannah DeWitt
WB: What did you do originally?

Jamar Brown Basketball Days

Witt Rabon=WR: DRO is a lifestyle brand for trap and hip hop culture with two components: one arm is focused on streetwear, and the other is DRO Flower, a high-end, luxury cannabis brand.