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dream queen yield

Dream queen yield

Dream Queen Type: Dream Queen is a descendant of the following strains:

Growing weed from Dream Queen cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively difficult. Growing this plant will require experience and care. This is not a plant to be grown by beginners. However, for those who grow this variety, the reward is worth the patience.
The Dream Queen plants are tall and heavy. Dense green buds are studded with orange hairs and sticky trichomes. A hint of blueberry, fruit, pine, and tropical mango will delight your taste buds. A tall trunk and heavy arms will need to be supported, especially if grown outdoors.

Dream Queen medical weed can also improve appetite and fight nausea in those with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. Finally, it can be a powerful weapon against everyday stress and the aches and pains that accumulate during a normal day.

  • mildew
  • moldiness
  • temperature extremes
  • viral infection
  • bacteria

Dream Queen is a descendant of the cerebral Space Queen which will take you into outer space, and the blueberry, fruity, Blue Dream. This gives it potent mind-bending power with a great flavor.
Outdoor growing professionals will want to grow this variety in a warm, Mediterranean climate. Use organic soil and Flower Power fertilizer to provide extra nutrients. The plants will grow tall and wide and need stabilization with stakes and wire. You Dream Queen plants will be ready for harvest in late September. You can expect a bountiful harvest of 36 ounces per plant.
Indoors, you can use a hydroponic step or grow in soil. Various hydroponic systems are used by professionals. If grown in soil, this plant can be grown in a tent. Set up your tent with reflective lining to keep your lamp light focused on the plant. You may want to use High Discharge lamps to provide all the sunlight the plant needs. Five-gallon buckets can hold your soil and your seeds or cuttings. A fan and exhaust system will keep the air dry and circulating. This plant can be induced to flower in seven to eight weeks. Harvest and dry your buds. You can expect about eighteen ounces per meter squared of yield.

Dream Queen medical cannabis can reach THC levels of up to 22 percent. Dream Queen cannabis is a particularly cerebral medical weed. This makes it a good choice for mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. It may also provide the stimulation needed to address deficits in ADD and ADHD. It can ease the psychomotor agitation in these disorders as well.

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