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dream queen seeds

Dream queen seeds

Smoking Dream Queen is like reminiscing the scent of pineapple and orange with some floral undertones. It has a smell that is not only nice but also very inviting especially for newbies. Some say the scent is like bubblegum that attracts almost any person nearby.

Meanwhile, it does not take long before a tingling sensation starts to spread from the head down to the body. As the physical effects begin manifesting, it causes users to feel relaxed. While in a dream-like state, expect occasional bouts of giggles.
The soft Indica side of this cannabis provides numbing body effects which help in pain management. It eases muscle spasms, and other body aches in patients. Another thing is that this hybrid alleviates nausea and even promote a healthy appetite. Also, it may also provide relief from some symptoms of gastrointestinal conditions.

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On the exhale, the sweetness of this strain gets stuck in the mouth and is just like chewing fruity bubblegum. There is an earthy note that is not so intense yet invites the user to smoke for more.
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In some countries, typhoons are named after women because of their finicky or temperamental attitude. However, in naming cannabis, it is a different story. Dream Queen, in particular, brings light to anyone who smokes it.
In the outdoors, the Dream Queen loves the Mediterranean climate. In the last weeks of September, it is ready for harvest with a whopping yield of up to a kilo per plant.

There are some rare cases in which Dream Queen’s fast acting abilities cause panic in inexperienced smokers. But all of these are worth it since the benefits outweigh these side effects.

This queen is a Sativa-dominant strain coming from a legendary lineage in California. It delivers a spacey and dream-like state to newbies and veterans.