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dream queen flowering time

Dream queen flowering time
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There are some rare cases in which Dream Queen’s fast acting abilities cause panic in inexperienced smokers. But all of these are worth it since the benefits outweigh these side effects.
Used moderately, the queen is not likely to induce a heavy couch-lock. It does help people with sleeping disorders to restful sleep.
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Smoking Dream Queen is like reminiscing the scent of pineapple and orange with some floral undertones. It has a smell that is not only nice but also very inviting especially for newbies. Some say the scent is like bubblegum that attracts almost any person nearby.
This lady of a strain provides a powerful hit on the first few puffs. It sends rushing cerebral high causing uplifting thoughts which makes users generally happy. Dream Queen is safe to use during the morning as it sparks some great ideas. This cannabis also sharpens the focus which allows people to lock into their tasks.
by Bonza · Published February 28, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
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This queen is a Sativa-dominant strain coming from a legendary lineage in California. It delivers a spacey and dream-like state to newbies and veterans.