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dr grinspoon strain

Dr grinspoon strain

Unlike most strains, the particular herb’s buds are best grown indoors or in greenhouses. Its buds need 13 to 14 weeks to mature, and doing it outdoors can be challenging especially due to unpredictable factors like strong gusts of wind or harsh weather. Cultivating in a controlled environment give these plants good chances of survival. However, it entails a lot of pruning and cutting to manage its height.

The buzzing sensation coursing through one’s veins also energize users through and through. It uplifts tired souls and removes exhaustion from the muscles. Replacing the heaviness is a limber feeling in the body that allows one to move like a well-oiled machine.
Because of its mind boosting capabilities, the strain works best when intense focus is needed. It clears the mind with a rush of euphoria and ushers in free-flowing thoughts that form into ideas. The mental clarity also makes it easier to focus on one task at a time. Social interactions are even more comfortable too.

It possesses sweet, tangy, and earthy flavors which hide explosive THC levels of up to 25%. Its power is evident in its long-lasting and mind-awakening effect. For this reason, Dr. Grinspoon remains on top of the list of cannabis with overall premium qualities.
Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam honored the professor’s noble work and decided to name a potent strain after him. “Dr. Grinspoon,” is a pure heirloom Sativa that heightens cerebral activity tremendously. In fact, it even garnered the title “The Thinking Man’s Sativa.”
The “Thinking Man’s Sativa” really has an odd allure to one’s genius. It subdues symptoms of many mental disorders including depression, anxiety, and PTSD by providing peace of mind. Its ability to clear the mind also helps patients with ADD/ADHD concentrate on tasks. At the same time, the feeling of productivity brings out happy hormones that effectively turn the mood upbeat.
Developing a single Dr. Grinspoon plant is not an easy task to achieve. It needs more attention, time, and patience than most strains due to its lanky structure. Nevertheless, the rewards from a single bud outweigh all the hardships and labor that comes with Dr. Grinspoon.
However, these are not the typical popcorn clusters of nuggets densely packed in a single cola. Instead, Dr. Grinspoon buds are loosely attached to twig-like branches, resembling blueberries.

Once the flowers turn to red and green, get the buckets ready for harvest. Each plant is expected to yield at least 350 grams per square meter indoors.

Dr. Grinspoon Strain is a pure heirloom Sativa that heightens cerebral activity tremendously. In fact, it even garnered the title "The Thinking Man's Sativa. Read our full strain review for all info.