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dr. greenthumb seeds

Dr. greenthumb seeds
I have ordered the Iranian a.f. for years. Used to be the bomb but the last 3 years it has gotten weaker every it will germinate but so weak it cant pop though the promix.sad sad,very sad. This happened when he lowered the price.
Sent my money order in the mail on october 29th.
Recieved my seeds on Nov 22nd.
When i sprout these babies i will post a follow up. But so far, i cannot complain when it comes to receiving the product.
I actually was going to call him and find out if he shipped it, but i decided based on the reviews previously written, that i would give it some time and reach out to him after a month or so.
Dont know his personality, dont really want to find out. I happy with what i got.
Ordered 10 seeds. Got 13 because the doc knew some where cracked? Not one germinated. All old seeds no vigor left in them. The doc blamed us for failure. Two different experienced growers germinating 4 separate tries. Purchased many times before. no issues but this time, issues. The doc said though sh$#t. Not a good guy if things dont work its your fault gauranteed.stay away.
Dr. Greenthumb is listed as “orange” at the SeedFinder. This means you should be careful with this shop! Some problems are known, maybe only for the moment, but you should have a closer look before you plan to order here. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.
From Massachusetts and ordered east coast sour diesel. Received dirty (left stains on papertowl) and cracked seeds. Looked like something from the 70s out of Colombian dirt weed. Talked to him and he said that I suck and is shit out of luck. Actually called me liar (fighting words if he was in front of me) and scammers. A common comment i see he uses to justify his shitty product. He just got 200 dollars of negative advertisement for a life time. Bad business, bad product.
took longer for delivery than expected,was getting pretty skeptical with all the bad review and all but I called and talked to him,ya hes a bit crusty but he was helpful in giving me my tracking info and what not. I got ecsd and bubba og, only half the bubba germed but they all ended up a little different but all fire,the ecsd had a few duds but there was def a keeper or two in the half pack I popped one in particular that finishes very fast for sd at like 9 weeks, reeks of diesaly goodness is dense(unlike the other phenos)and goes purple if its near a fan
so all in all I was pleased with my purchase and would buy of them again in the future.
Ordered og kush and girl scout cookies. 100% guaranteed female and 100% hermied on me. No refund or replacement. Called him out on it and he said was all my fault . Showed him pictures of the crop and he said I was running a scam. Told me to fuck off and never call him again. Jerk and a liar.
Strains are bomb. Guy is gruff, who cares! Wish didnt charge 35 for xpress but whatever. Highly Recommended, send MO.
Dr. Greenthumb Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 39 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Dr. Greenthumb is listed as “orange” at the SeedFinder. This