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dr greenthumb seeds review

Dr greenthumb seeds review

Better send signature only mail or your money could be lost company said they never received my cash order very strange

I was skeptical of Dr. Greenthumb seedbank but decided to give them a try. I ordered feminized ECSD and thats what I received. There was an extra seed in the pack, all germinated, all looked very uniform but varied somewhat in flavor but you could tell they were related. I had two keepers and would order again. No credit cards is inconvenient and the whole process of sending a mail order and waiting for the seeds takes a long time. Communication with Dr. Greenthumb may as well be non existent and after weeks of waiting and not hearing from Dr. Greenthumb the seeds finally arrived in my mailbox. Its a shame it takes so long but Im very happy with his ECSD.
Strains are bomb. Guy is gruff, who cares! Wish didnt charge 35 for xpress but whatever. Highly Recommended, send MO.

I have ordered the Iranian a.f. for years. Used to be the bomb but the last 3 years it has gotten weaker every it will germinate but so weak it cant pop though the promix.sad sad,very sad. This happened when he lowered the price.
Seeds are old and dont germinate, what a waste of money and time, I will never do business again with him
took longer for delivery than expected,was getting pretty skeptical with all the bad review and all but I called and talked to him,ya hes a bit crusty but he was helpful in giving me my tracking info and what not. I got ecsd and bubba og, only half the bubba germed but they all ended up a little different but all fire,the ecsd had a few duds but there was def a keeper or two in the half pack I popped one in particular that finishes very fast for sd at like 9 weeks, reeks of diesaly goodness is dense(unlike the other phenos)and goes purple if its near a fan
so all in all I was pleased with my purchase and would buy of them again in the future.
This review is only based on ordering and receiving the product.

Dr. Greenthumb is listed as “orange” at the SeedFinder. This means you should be careful with this shop! Some problems are known, maybe only for the moment, but you should have a closer look before you plan to order here. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

Dr. Greenthumb Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 39 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Dr. Greenthumb is listed as “orange” at the SeedFinder. This

It comes down to trust really. People know, if they’re buying Blue Dream from us, as one example, they’re getting real Blue Dream and not some cross based on Blue Dream but actual Blue Dream and the very best Blue Dream we could find after extensive searcing and sourcing. Those growers that know about us, trust us! If we’re not sure of what we’re selling, we won’t sell it at all and we won’t even consider putting it on our list. This is true of all our ‘elite’ line, like OG Kush, Chemdawg, Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck…the list goes on. In fact, we were the first seed company to my knowledge, to offer Bubba Kush, OG Kush and Chemdawg in seed form and we have carried those strains in a unbroken, unchanged line, for over thirteen years now. Oh, we see a lot of pretenders and “flavour of the day” “cuts” this OG cut, that Chemdawg cut, but we haven’t seen any cuts that were better than the originals we carry, or we would have adopted them because we want the very best for our customers. The reality is, most of the OG Kush or Chemdawg “cuts’ available today, came from our seeds. At any rate, we simply want the very best for our customers and that’s all we offer.

We get a certain amount of online hate from people who say we’re rude on the phone etc., which is also, horse feathers. Myself and our staff, have spent hours and hours on the phone and by email, patiently helping new growers and other customers with growing or plant issues. We support our seeds. Some people, no doubt, get pissed off when they call me asking for help with the strain they bought somewhere else and I tell them to put their question to whomever they bought the seeds from. Polite people get all the time and all support they need and then some; people who call to let me know they know it all, or are rude themselves, get hung up on, or told to fuck off and then get hung up on. I unapologetically have a very low tolerance for rudeness, con artists, know-it-alls or bullshit.
Personally, I prefer happy, creative plants, so I am always looking for that but many of our customers are looking for other traits, like raw potency, or biggest possible yield, or bag appeal. I couldn’t, in good conscience, release a plant that yielded big but was of poor quality otherwise, so there are limits on what I’d allow on our list. G13 is probably the biggest plant we carry but it also has serious potency, some people say it it lacks taste. I disagree, because I have never seen a strain that properly dried and cured didn’t have a good taste but that is, in my mind, the limiting factor when discussing G13. You get big, big yield, big league potency but in some peoples eye’s lacks knockout taste. Well taste is the trade-off, because I’ve never seen a “perfect” plant either. Hard to argue with OG Kush potency, or Bubba Kush taste and happy social buzz but lower yield is the trade off with those two.

We’re not really profit-driven and little influenced by trendiness either, so I don’t have the impulse to produce a whole bunch of strains to make the most money possible and we prefer to be responsible to our customers, ourselves, so we don’t wholesale much either and then, only to a few trusted individuals. As long as we’re making a decent living, doing what we love, we‘re not overly concerned with money or for that matter, popularity, in the larger sense. We have in the past, raised prices to slow business down.
OMG! That’s a story-and-a- half! And I’d love to tell all of it but it is too long, with too many twists and turns and the purest, fortuitous, luck and probably karma, that led to our acquiring the Malawi “Cobs” in Africa. Sure, there were so-called Malawi Cobs available in Johannesburg and Capetow
n for example, but dried up, old stock that was probably fake to start with, low potency at any rate, so I had to go to the source. After much bargaining, a black man from Johannesburg, Abdi, took me to the heart of Soweto to meet the Rasta leader there. This Rasta guy was smoking whole chillums full of the saddest smoke…but it was remarkable because he was inhaling two to three grams of smoke in one hit! What a pair of lungs! Anyway, what he was smoking wasn’t nearly good enough to be real Malawi unfortunately; he must have been getting some satisfaction from the huge hit he was getting I suppose but it wasn’t nearly good enough smoke to be what I was looking for. So the trip to Soweto was a wash. I won’t go on much but suffice to say Abdi and another guy and I made the trip to Malawi, where they let me off, agreeing to return to pick me up the following day at the same place. I followed a path for what seemed like an eternity that led to a village and it was like in the movies! At the time and probably still, there are stone age societies in Africa and this was one of them. I was welcomed by the village and later around the fire had to drink what turned out to be some kind of hallucinogen. I became terrified and had convinced myself these people might eat me! but stayed put and the following morning there were fresh, real Malawi cobs on the end of my hammock. Comparing the “Cobs” that I had picked up before, it was obvious they were fakes and these were real, just by the look of them. The ones I had bought earlier were poorly and hastily constructed compared to these ones; a common ploy to sell stuff to tourists all over the world.
Anyway, I broke one open and smoked a bit and it was all, I remember, pure sunshine, I felt great and my eyelashes sparkled gold. The rest of my trip to Africa was great fun and the Africans I smoked the real Malawi with were astonished at the quality of the smoke I had compared to what they were smoking.
Yes, we’ll spare no expense if we really want a strain and know what we’re buying. Oh sure, you can go out and buy a plant that might be the “real deal” elite cutting but people who actually possess the really elite cuts, don’t usually let them go cheap, or let them go at all. For many, it’s a business decision and demands a business price, I respect that. Additionally, I personally will travel anywhere to get the “right’ genetic. I went to Africa to get Malawi, Manchester, England, to get U.K. Cheese for example. Sometimes “Dogless” Jim Ortega does leg work for us too and has done so for many years. Our Good Dog strain is a tip of the hat to Jim who provided half the genetics for Good Dog. Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies came from Jim as well. There are few if any, more well-connected, knowledgeable, honest and decent people out there than Jim. So yes, top dollar, verified cuttings and careful work on making either feminized or dioecious versions of seeds. We also test every batch of seeds and if the germination rate is below ninety-five percent, we feed them to the budgies. We include at least one extra seed in every pack, so we feel confident the customer is getting his full complement of starts. We sell only fresh seeds, never old stock. I think elsewhere in the industry, older seeds are sold to re-sellers at a discount, for resale, whereas we destroy old stocks by feeding them to the birds. We visually inspect, under magnification, every single seed that goes into the customer’s package as well.
Another thing we won’t do is “up sell” people. When someone calls asking our advice on what to grow, at their particular skill level or growing technique, we tell them the absolute truth, based on their criteria, even if it means selling a cheaper seed. We want to give the customer exactly what they want and eliminate the guesswork as much as possible.
Perfect strain? Is there such a thing? It would have that unforgettable, lingering Bubba Kush taste and smell, yield like Chemdawg or G13, finish in five or six weeks like Freedom 35 and have pronounced, strong, even potency without being over-the-top like Chemo, with rock hard buds, black/blueish or reddish colouration and little trimming. We try to attain as many of those characteristics as possible in everything we do.

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We want to give the customer exactly what they want and eliminate the guesswork as much as possible.