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dollar weed club

Dollar weed club
Kind of spendy. You should know what you want when you go there. 25% OFF REFERRAL CODE(:
New members, receive $50.00 off deliveries. Use promo code “calipuff” during registration.
Twice I’ve been here at 8am when they open and the lazy owner is at least 20-30 minutes late. Waited 20 minutes in the rain this morning and he refused to speak to me and hid in the back office claiming he was “so busy” when he finally showed up. He literally refused to listen to a customer and hid in the back like a coward. He said he would never come out and speak to me even though I had an issue with his business. I’m a medical customer. Im not recreational. All employees were also left waiting in the rain for the lazy, late owner. He refused any compensation or to even speak to me when he entered building. He had someone else speak for him because he was such a scared pussy, they Said “at least it wasn’t 5 times!” Owner is late, lazy, rude, and irresponsible.! DONT GO HERE!
Whether you are starting a small two plant home grow or run a major grow-operation for a nationwide dispensary, you need to know the hottest strains on the market before you plant your first seed or prep your first clone. The new strains of our moder.
According to our sources, this business is permanently closed. Portions of this business have been archived for your convenience.
Bomb. It’s is so good
You may want to come to this location prices for the marijuana here is so worth it come check it out
Best weed in town
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