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does powdery mildew spread after harvest

I was reading where someone actually had some rational thought on this and reminded those in the debate that PM is ubiquitous in the environment. along with many other mold spores, bacteria and yeasts. they are on us and everything we touch and eat.

I had the same problem recently and I sprayed with high alkali water mixed with a low concentration of H2O2.about 1.5%.
I just cropped and am drying at the moment, so I added a dehumidifier into the drying closet incase there was any mildew remaining. It looks good, and is ready to be bagged today, hopefully quality hasnt suffered as a result. If I get time I’ll let you know how it somkes.

Thanks in advance.
It has turned any of my calyxes that weren’t red To red, and has left slight browning where the powdery mildew was.
Hope it goes well for you, cause it sucks getting this far and then having mildew mess up those lovely buds!
Hydrogen peroxide 3%. I haven’t seen any sign of yay or nay on this. But I have harvested around 5 plants now that had it on them (why we harvested them early) and we just sprayed (soaked) every single bud with peroxide before hanging in the drying room.
Any opinions on Cannabutter with mildew?

I think this works if the pH is high enough. my water used to be 7.6 and in the last couple of months it has dropped to 6.5

It is time to harvest but I'm noticing a little bit of what appears to be powdery mildew on some of my plants. I'm looking for solutions that will preserve…