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does cranberry juice clean your urine

Does cranberry juice clean your urine

This method doesn’t guarantee you a false negative result. A better option would be to consider replacing the urine with a non-user or synthetic urine. Some users may also choose to dilute their urine with other substances to tamper with the results. Sadly, some of these options are not foolproof. It may mean that you have to use several of them to increase your chances of passing the test. Most of these methods can be detected, and therefore are not safe to use. The only guaranteed method of passing urine drug test for a regular user involves using detox kits.

So many people enjoy occasional marijuana joints when they are out with friends or at a party, and this becomes a problem when their employers subject them to a drug test. For this reason, people have come up with different ways to cheat the test and get a false negative result. Some home remedies have been recommended to save costs and one of them is cranberry juice. The question is “can cranberry juice help pass a drug test?”
Generally, cranberry juice may help in the long run, because it increases the rate at which your body expels the drugs.

THC is known to store in fat tissues of the body for a very long time. Home remedies like cranberry juice are not reliable because of this reason. So, it should not be your only option to pass a marijuana urine test.
Most drug detox kits on the market are intended to get rid of marijuana traces. They claim to remove THC from the body within seven days, however some kits take much less time to work. Overall, they have been proven to be effective as long as the instructions are followed to the letter. Drug testing devices are included to ensure that you get a false negative outcome before sending your sample to the lab.
However, this doesn’t mean that cranberry juice doesn’t work. Some people may use it successfully, while others may not get the desired result. For example, if you take marijuana daily for a couple of years, this method is unlikely to work. You may need more than just cranberry juice to pass the drug test. Other people who are occasional users who have not had a joint in a while may stand a better chance of passing with cranberry juice.
Now that you know the quantity required to pass the drug test, what is the required amount of cranberry juice for that quantity? A 100 g bottle of cranberry juice contains only 0.04 g of niacin. This means that you must drink 500 g of cranberry juice per day.
No matter what option you choose to use to expel THC from your system, you must follow next important guidelines:

Taking cranberry juice on its own may not give you the required results. You will have to add other methods to quicken the process. Some of them include consuming more water, eating healthy meals and working out. Even with these methods, there is no guarantee that it will work.

A lot of home remedies are recommended to pass a drug test and one of them is cranberry juice. Does it really help?

Does cranberry juice clean your urine

So does cranberry juice help pass a drug test? Well, in order for that to be possible, it has to do two things:

  1. Drink half a gallon or more of cranberry juice smoothly over a short space of time, but no more than an hour. Half an hour is a good target.
  2. Once you finished drinking the cranberry juice urinate several times, three times in the hour after consumption is a good idea.
  3. Go and submit your urine sample as quickly as possible. You will only be clear of drug toxins for a few hours, as few as two hours for people with high levels of drug toxins, or as many as six the people with lower levels in their body.
  • Flush out the toxins in your urine
  • Allow the body to maintain a natural balance in your urine for a few hours

Things like urea, uric acid, and creatinine will all be out of balance. Also, the pH and specific gravity will be outside the normal range as well.
All of these three detox drinks not only contain 32 fluid ounces of liquid to flush out your urine and replace it with fresh urine that doesn’t contain toxins, but they also contain high quantities of many things found in human urine.
The easiest way to pass a drug test though is to submit a sample of fake urine. That way you don’t need to detox your body at all, because you’re not submitting urine that’s been in your body.
If you’re searching for home remedies to pass a drug test, then you’ll quickly come across people asking does cranberry juice help pass a drug test, and that may spark hope that you can, as that would be really easy.
However, none of that is related to drug toxins. As you now know, any liquid has to not only flush out all the toxins, but it has to contain the things that your body will need to have a natural urine balance, otherwise, the urine sample you will submit will be diluted and unbalanced.

I’ll tell you about the reliability of home remedies generally, and we will also discuss using synthetic urine, or as an alternative to the cranberry juice method, using a high-quality detox drink instead.

If you're searching for home remedies to pass a drug test, then you'll quickly come across people asking does cranberry juice help pass a drug test, and that may spark hope that you can, as that would be really easy.