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does assure detox work to pass a drug test

Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox work? Well, for the purposes of this review I bought a bottle. However, I paid $27 from Amazon. I don’t usually recommend you buy anything like that on Amazon or eBay, but I know the seller is reputable and so I knew it was genuine.

I tested positive, I failed the test. I took a second one 30 minutes later, and I still failed. So there is no way I was going to pass a drug test.
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I am a heavy weed smoker, and quite large, but the bottle says that’s fine, as I’ve already told you. So it should have worked, especially when I abstained for 24 hours beforehand, so the toxin count would have been lower than normal.
So I was pretty thorough around-consuming Assure Detox maximum strength, and I waited an hour before taking a home drug test.
I didn’t smoke any weed, didn’t have alcohol, caffeine, nothing in the 24 hours before I drank a bottle of Assure Detox maximum strength. Other Assure Detox reviews reckon you don’t have to abstain at all, but I decided to do a full 24 hours, as the instructions on the bottle that you can see say “Avoid unwanted toxins”, and are pretty vague.
If you want to use a detox drink rather than synthetic urine, then obviously I’m not going to recommend that you even consider Total Eclipse Assure Detox.
I’ll also offer you a couple of alternative strategies should you decide that Total Eclipse Assure Detox for you.

In terms of how to use total detox, all it says on the bottle is:

Can you trust Assure Detox reviews? Well, I'm going to tell you the truth about this detox drink.It looks fantastic. The bottle screams "powerful quality". It really looks the part, and if the detox drink itself is as good as the packaging then you're onto a winner.