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Outdoors, under optimum conditions the plant is a super producer capable of being multi-harvested over a period of time. Branched buds ripening by the beginning of October (@ 45 degrees north latitude) are harvested and new buds form and mature about every ten days after and can be harvested through the end of November, or however long the plant can be kept alive, making Flo ideal for greenhouse production.
A sativa/indica cross (approx. 60% sativa/40% indica) with very sativa characteristics in the finished product that also matures very quickly. The large, tight, spear-shaped buds are made up of small, densely packed calyxes. The plants are taller and like to branch out, making them ideal for ‘training’, i.e. tying back or bending over. Indoors, the plants are fully mature by week seven of the flowering cycle.

TYPE: Sat. Dom. Hybrid (60/40)
EFFECTS: Motivational high, slow onset, long duration, excellent day smoke.
PAPA: Papa Blueberry F4
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MAMA: Flo F4

Deep purple hues darken the buds the more they mature. The motivational high produced by Flo is quite unique and long-lasting. The flavor is that of old school Nepalese Temple hash with a head reminiscent of Highland Oaxaca Gold pro ducing a musky/burgundy/floral complex palate: A most enjoyable and pleasant experience. Rated the #1 strain at the 1996 Cannabis Cup by Cannabis Culture magazine.

DJ Short – Flo F5 REG/FEM: REGULAR QUANTITY: 13 BEANS Only 1 left in stock Description Comes with 4 free regular Blueberry F5 seeds*** A sativa/indica cross (approx. 60%