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At 21 he moved to Oregon, “an Oz-like land to the west” where the decriminalization efforts of a progressive governor had formed “hippy-magnet vortices” throughout the state. He found work as a doorman at a rock club in Eugene, lived in a series of houses with punk rockers, and introduced the punks to his pothead friends. He read a lot of Pynchon and Castaneda and Douglas Adams and Jonathan Swift (“Jesus, he pegged it all, in the 1700s“), dropped acid, and molted his Catholic-school guilt: Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not for his. He took classes at the University of Oregon in the fall and the spring, and in the summers, when the weather was hot and dry, he worked on a crew that fought forest fires while smoking astonishing amounts of bud

Short did publish a book in 2003, Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets. It’s now out of print. I found a used copy on Amazon for $40 and read it before I came to Hempfest. Slim and irritatingly well-written, Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis seemed to confirm the Wonka analogy, giving the impression of a man chasing the wondrous — half scientist, half seeker. There were meticulous descriptions of lights and soils and fertilizers and cloning techniques and the differences between female and male plants (females produce the buds), as well as quick definitions of genotype (a plant’s genetic makeup) and phenotype (the expression of those genes) — genetics for stoners. At the same time, Short offered guidance on how to enhance the cannabis high by mixing it with psychedelic drugs, and he warned that “many of the more subtle and subjective aspects of the fine cannabis experience fall outside of the boundaries of current conventional (and allowed) science. … A recommended read concerning this subject is Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.”
A few brave Internet commenters like to ask Short for growing tips, but most seem to keep a respectful and reverent distance. “I think many of us can agree DJ Short is quite iconic,” one commenter wrote at in 2012. “But who the heck is this guy? Where does he live and what makes him tick? … Has he ever been interviewed? Is he still alive?” Another wrote in 2010, “As for who he is, I’ve looked everywhere. … I dare not ask because I know better. From my research, he is to weed as Willy Wonka is to candy. Like Willy Wonka, he is hiding in his factory.”

You got closer. You began to pass little encampments on the side of the road, rawboned kids with face piercings and red sticky eyes and loose tan clothes that hung from their limbs like the jowls of senators. One held a jagged piece of cardboard with a note that read I’VE GOT A HOLE IN MY BOWL AND NEED A NUGGET TO PLUG IT. The noise from the amp grew louder and more distorted, and as you approached, you saw him, the evangelist, planted in the middle of the sidewalk with a microphone. A man with a six-foot wooden cross offered you a flyer. Someone had spray-painted READ BIBLE on a large rock. Someone else had crossed out BIBLE and written BOOKS.
Short has continued to tinker with his original stock. In 2004, in a hotel room in Canada, he smoked a particularly beguiling plant in the Flo line. “You just look at the jar and say: You are special. As the minutes are going by, the seconds, you’re just like: Whoa, who are you?” He called it F-13.
Meanwhile, inside a large white tent, an influential and semi-anonymous figure was getting ready to speak about his work.
He grew up, he said, in a lower-middle-class family in Inkster, Michigan, hometown of the woman who inspired the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” poster. Inkster was close enough to Detroit that when he was a kid he could hear gunshots during the race riots of 1967; he could see the horizon on fire at night. His father was a World War II veteran of Polish lineage who worked in a factory connected to the Big Three automakers. His mother, a devout Catholic, worked at a dentist’s office. One of his great-grandmothers had been a Romanian Gypsy herbalist; she used to grow pot, opium, tobacco, sage, and lavender in a backyard garden. The curtains in his grandmother’s house were made of hemp. His family used to joke, “If the house catches on fire, stay in for a little while and breathe.”
Short doesn’t like the word marijuana. “I don’t deal marijuana. What’s that? That’s what the guy on the street corner sells. You’re entitled to use the Linnaean term”: cannabis.

“> 3 is extraordinary. … Any creative closet or backyard cultivator can use his or her palate to do groundbreaking and innovative research.”

The Willy Wonka of Pot A trip to Hempfest with pioneering cannabis breeder DJ Short T o get to Hempfest this year, you started in downtown Seattle on a humid, cloudless Saturday. You walked

Sacred Seeds was busted in ’82. The Skunkman was arrested and the cops were in possetion of the groups main seedmaking op. But this bunch was savey and had pre-paid bailbonds/lawyers on retainer and so SkMan was out in a matter of hours. And so began one of the greatest capers in Sacred Seeds history.

In the late 70’s/early 80’s. It was supposed to have been very difficult to join this group and a prospect would first have to be sponsered by a member of the inner circle then be required to breed out a certain number of versions of Sk#1 from both clones provided by the club as well as genetics they provided themselves. This way they assured quality control and widened the gene pool at the same time. The original unstable “model skunk”plant was a direct cross of C.Gold x Afg. But the Bay Area people soon found out how difficult it was going to be to cross a C.Gold to anything. So it was found that it was easier to cross these difficult plants to a plant that was already hybribized. Hence the Introduction of A.Gold into the mix. This also apparently added two other favorable traits. In addition to making crosses easier, high GCA has been stated by Clark as one of the goals of the breeders, the A.Gold also marginaly reduced flower time but most importent was its addition to calyx/leaf ratio. If you turn to P 248 of Mels Dlx you will find a pic of four mexican colas. Notice the two shots on the bottom are taken against the backround of Sandy W’s barn. I’m almost 100% sure the plant on the lower right is A.Gold and about 90% that it’s the primary A.Gold mom in Sk#1. Notice the foxtail style buds and hi C/L. Now imagine this crossed to an afgani, starting to get the picture? By the way most but not all of the Afganis were from MLW.
An event I will call “the great rootball rescue”. Skunkman, out on bail and eager to find out the condition of his grow rooms stakes out the grow to make sure the cops aren’t waiting there for him. After sitting for hours he finally gets over his paranoia and makes a cursery recon and can’t believe what he finds, the cops in either there arrogance or ignorance have left the place secured with only police tape. checking the grow as well as the dumpster out back the found many plants cut well above the the first node and some that had been simply pulled from their containers and tossed whole. the dumpster was also full of seeds and it was obvious that the cops had broken many seed containers but because there were so many eventually just started throwing jars out whole. the cops had left all the stuff there until morning when they could properly catolog it, including all the grow equip. Skunkman sprang into action, called a number of the un-busted members of the club and the “great rootball rescue” was under way. His friends showed up and they litteraly stripped the place of every thing usefull. Lights were sold to pay legal fees, the rootballs, including the Haze mom SkMan has to this day were nursed back to health by the people who escaped prosicution and the police were left with a distinct lack of evidence. Causing some of the cases to collapse entirly and some, like SkMan to serve greatly reduced sentances. If they’de gotten him on everything they wanted him for he’d still be there. Instead, He served less than a year and on his release he collected up his strains from his friends, including Sk#18.2 rescued from the dumpster and made his way to amsterdam were he founded Cultivators Choice seed co, named after the top award at the annual Sacred Seeds harvest fests held in Nor Cal from 67-83. A year later Skunkmans new friend aqquire a second batch of Sacred Seeds Sk#1 seeds. When Cultivators Choice went out of biz a few year later Nevil bought most of their stock. While both worked from the same set of Sk#1 females each has there own males (breeders never give up a male) selected from the only two importations of authentic Sk#1 into Holland.

The color and cure were unique, and the aroma, flavor and high were equally so. The smell was that of sandalwood incense, almost like frankincense. The flavor was that of a peppery cedar. It was some of the most unique tasting herb in the world, and the high was just as exciting. It was truly psychedelic, powerful and long lasting.
There was a legend about a group of entrepreneurs who imported seed from Lebanon to Guerrero and grew the famed Lebanese Upper Mountain (LUM) from the late 1970’s to 1980. The LUM was electric, psychedelic and slightly sedative as well. A unique herb that I wish there would have been more of.
Before subjecting its victim to fits of gorging and deep snoozing, the experience usually included ridiculously long spasms of uncontrollable laughter. The silliest little image could induce hilarity beyond belief. This was the main herb around when the Cheech and Chong movies first came out.
I do not recall ever passing out or losing consciousness, but I did have to let go in order to come back . This stuff alone could cause one to reach 3.5 pluses on the Shulgin psychedelic rating scale!
Simply put: Nepalese Temple Ball is some of the happiest, fruitiest and most pleasantly flavorful, highest quality hash that I have ever experienced.

As i said earlier most of the Sacred Seeds breeding groups suffered disasters of one sort or another in the early days and in the case of Sk#1 it was the dreaded botritis cinerea, grey mold. Introduced by some of the early afgani crosses it kicked of a massive afgan genetics hunt/torture test. And while the late great Maple Leaf Wilson provided most of the genes they scowered every nook and cranny for an Afgani ;0. Many non Skunk#1 members of the Sacred Seeds who were also working on their own projects got involved.
I already spoke about Sandy W’s involment and there were apparently others though the only one I am reasonably sure of was an East Bay biker/Vietnam Vet who went by the handle “Mendacino Joe”, who as you can probably guess by his name he was supposed to have been one of the founders of the Trinity grow scene. Joe was working on a grape/pepper flavored mostly afgani hybrid not related to Sk#1, but he had a large collection of genetics and was a good grower and so he was included in the torture tests. The ultimate result of these tests was a special line called Skunk#18.2 (Sk#1 x Afg bx-1). It is a line that inparts incredible hardiness and pest/disease resistance on its offspring.

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