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diy cfl grow light

Diy cfl grow light

Bulbs in this range are in the middle ground, and are often not very optimal for either the vegetative or flowering phase of a plant’s life cycle. I recommend staying away from lights in this range, or just using 1-2 in supplement to bulbs in the other two ranges.

They also take less wattage to deliver the same amount of lumen output as incandescent bulbs.
Apollo Horticulture offers an affordable pack of four 2″ T5 CFLs in the 2700K range.

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There are a lot of concepts to learn as a beginner to hydroponics, but lighting is by far the most complex. There are so many different types of indoor grow lights, let alone learning about the properties of light itself and how plants use it to grow.
The full color temperature spectrum
CFLs are advertised with a true wattage, and an incandescent equivalent.
Because it doesn’t come with any 2700K bulbs and you will eventually want your plants to flower (unless you’re only growing leafy greens), you may want to pick up some extra 2700K bulbs so you can switch a couple out once your plants are ready to flower.

As far as gardening is concerned, there are two main types of CFLs that matter: soft white and daylight.

Using a CFL grow light is a great way to get started growing indoors. Learn everything you need to know about CFL grow light setup, bulbs, and fixtures.