Dirt Weed Seeds

This definition explains the meaning of Dirt Weed and why it matters. Our dirt weed guide covers exactly what dirt weed is, how you can identify it, and what you can do with it to have a great experience. i got some mexican dirt weed seeds and i threw im my aerogarden, what do you guys will be the quality of my grow?, im guessing they are outdoor and…

Dirt Weed

Dirt Weed is lower quality bud that sells for a lower price. Another common name for dirt weed is schwag, regs, or reggie.

Dirt weed may be referred to as such because it is available for ‘dirt cheap’. It is less potent than the higher quality trimmed and cured primo bud.

Dirt weed may contain more than the user intends on smoking, like stems and seeds. Dirt weed should not be confused with ‘ditch weed’—an end product that literally grows on the side of the road in ditches.

Maximum Yield Explains Dirt Weed

Dirt weed is common when purchased privately, and it is making its way into less reputable dispensaries. Some dealers are upfront about their bud being dirt weed, while other might try to disguise the product.

With dirt weed, the buds are smaller and dull in color, such as a dark green or even brownish color. A lot of ditch weed is said to come from Mexico. Another theory behind this slang term is that it is named after the taste that it has, which isn’t the vibrant bouquet of terpenes that most professional recreational or medical growers pride themselves on.

Dirt weed is low-grade commercial pot and it is typically sativa dominant. Dirt weed is produced with more quantity in mind rather than quality. When it is sold and transported, it is normally done so in bricks. When it is packed sometimes there is dirt, leaves, bugs, and stems included. These bricks sometimes degrade the structure of the buds and compress them. Many times ditch weed is harvested before it is ready so the trichomes aren’t completely developed.

When it is dried, it’s typically done outside in the sun, and it has a distinctive crumbly and dry texture. It isn’t normally de-stemmed or de-seeded; if spotted in time, these parts are sometimes removed before smoking.

What Is Dirt Weed and What Can It Be Used For?

We’ve all been there. You take a closer look at the weed you just bought or got from a friend, only to realize that it looks and smells a lot different than the high-quality weed you are used to.

If it has more seeds and stems than usual, smells like old hay, and has a dull color, you may be staring at what seasoned users refer to as “dirt weed.”

While low-quality weed can seem like a waste, there are still ways to salvage your stash without having to throw it away completely. Our dirt weed guide covers exactly what dirt weed is, how you can identify it, and what you can do with it to have a great experience.

What Is Dirt Weed?

Dirt weed usually refers to low-quality Mexican weed that became available in the 1970s and was commonly sold for about $10 an ounce. This weed is known for its low potency, poor drying and curing practices, and, sometimes, moldy growth,

Common names for low-quality weed include:

  • Schwag
  • Regs
  • Reggie
  • Ditch weed
  • Brick weed

Signs of low-quality weed include:

  • A lot of stems
  • A lot of seeds
  • Old hay or ammonia smell
  • Brown or yellow color
  • No trichomes
  • Too dry or moist
  • Mold
  • Small and airy buds

Dirt weed is usually transported in bricks mixed with several other strains. The weed is compressed which can destroy the trichomes. It may be wrapped up in saran wrap or duct/electric tape.

It is often grown for quantity, not quality, without an effort to remove the male plants, which can frequently produce hermaphrodite plants with tons of seeds. It may also be produced in poor-quality soil without fertilizer.

Dirt weed may be harvested before the trichomes are at their peak maturity. It is usually sundried in piles producing a dry and crumbly texture. Growers do not remove the seeds or stems or trim the bud leaves when harvesting the bud.

Here is how you can tell good weed vs. bad weed apart.


You may notice yellow leaves, brown and leafy weed, and minimal or no trichomes. Use a microscope or loupe to get a closer look. Dirt weed may look dry, airy, brown or dark green, and come in very small and broken up buds with curly leaves. It can also come with lots of stems and seeds.

Aroma and Flavor

Most people notice an aroma of old, dry hay and, sometimes, ammonia. If your weed smells like this, it could mean that the bud is old, moldy, or low quality.

While it may have a slight recognizable aroma of weed, it will mostly smell unpleasant or even moldy and must. In terms of taste, it can be harsh, earthy, and not as complex-tasting as high-quality strains.


If you can’t tell by looks or smell alone, you can use your other senses to determine its quality. Even if it’s very dry, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is low quality. In some low humidity and high-elevation environments, cannabis can be naturally dryer making buds crumbly even with the tiniest bit of pressure.

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In other areas, there may be more moisture which makes the harvested buds harder to break and grind. Overall, the nugs should not feel too moist. If they do feel too moist, you should break them open and check for bud rot.

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High-quality weed should also feel sticky due to the trichomes. Dirt weed may have a smaller amount of trichomes that are not as ripe as resin in high-quality weed. Still, dirt weed may still feel sticky to the touch. If it feels mildly sticky, you may have dirt weed on your hands.

Can Dirt Weed Get You High?

Generally, dirt weed has low to moderate THC levels ranging from 10 to 15%, although some strains can have THC levels up to 20%. For some users with lower tolerances, dirt weed can be all they need.

For those who are used to higher potency strains, dirt weed can produce minimal to no effects. Overall, it can produce mild intoxication good for a manageable, daytime high.

Is Dirt Weed Safe to Consume?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to answer this. It all depends on the type of dirt weed that you have. Some dirt weed may be fine to consume. It may just produce a harsher hit with little to no smell, headaches, and weak effects.

It is when the bad weed contains harmful additives and unflushed synthetic fertilizer and nutrients that it can be harmful to your health if consumed in high amounts and frequently.

What Can You Do With Dirt Weed?

Just because your weed may not look, smell, or taste as good as other strains, it doesn’t mean it is completely worthless. If it’s not moldy and doesn’t have any bugs or pests or clear signs of toxic chemicals, you can definitely use it to make a variety of cannabis consumables.

Grow Weed

One of the defining characteristics of dirt weed is the high number of seeds you may find hidden within the buds. While it may be annoying to pull them out when packing a bowl or joint, you can keep these dirt weed seeds and experiment by growing them.

Many users have used good growing practices and have grown big and tall plants indoors and outdoors using dirt weed seeds. However, you may have to wait a little longer for its flowering compared to high-quality feminized cannabis seeds. It can take several months to flower but can be completely worth it.

Make Concentrates and Infusions

There are many ways to create a concentrated resin and refine it to make a variety of derivative products such as edibles, topicals, concentrates, and suppositories. Through a variety of extraction methods and infusions, you can extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the low-quality bud and leave behind the harsh plant matter.

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Mix With High-Quality Weed

If you have some dirt weed on you, you can use it to supplement your bowls, joints, or blunts. Just get a bit of dirt weed and mix in some higher-quality weed to offset the earthy smell of dirt weed. You may even store both qualities of weed together to kind of balance out the moisture levels.

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mexican dirt weed seeds

i got some mexican dirt weed seeds and i threw im my aerogarden, what do you guys will be the quality of my grow?, im guessing they are outdoor and hopefully will have a big yeild, let mne know thanks

Well-Known Member

I think it will be just about as good as buying seeds from a seed co. You’ll have some nice size colas and it will smell delicious. It will get you very high as well. Dirt weed is only dirt because of the way it was dried, cured, packaged, stored and shipped.

Well-Known Member
Well-Known Member

yeah my expectations are very low, but ill start a grow journal and maybe ill get some good results. they are growing incredabliy fast, from just poppin in from yesterday i already have three that are a inch and quarter to an inch and half, but hey it is a weed after all.

Well-Known Member
Well-Known Member

I think it will be just about as good as buying seeds from a seed co. You’ll have some nice size colas and it will smell delicious. It will get you very high as well. Dirt weed is only dirt because of the way it was dried, cured, packaged, stored and shipped.

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Mexi weed isn’t the genetics you would get from the pro strains, and won’t match quality of anything. It’s stuff that’s good to throw out there and take minimal care but not the highest yielding or most resin covered stoniest stuff.

Also those aerogardens are so tiny and space is so very limited you should be growing with something that flowers well at very small heights, not some sativa dom strain used to growing 6 feet tall. (I think mexi is sativa isn’t it?)

It’s a shame you have an aerogarden. You could have built a better setup AND bought quality seeds for less than the cost of that toy.

Well-Known Member
Well-Known Member

It’s a shame you have an aerogarden. You could have built a better setup AND bought quality seeds for less than the cost of that toy.]

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yeah i understand this is just my test experiment, im way low matenince, so we just said “fuuuuck it”, well just see what happens

and btw, thanks for all the input, i enjoy your guys ideas and stuff

Well-Known Member

Dude you will be surprised. Everyone talks shit on it, but bagseed from schwag is still good..supposing you can find healthy seeds. Some guy up there said mexi is what it is because of the drying, curing, and packaging process. The real reason schwag is what it is, is because schwag is all 100% herms. Males tend to flower earlier, and any possible females are quickly turned hermi. This takes away any hope of the bud being anything more than just schwag. When you take a schwag seed, and grow it to be true sensimilla, you’ll be amazed at the product. We could pretend even that this plant has a low thc percentage, justy by genetics. Even then, it will be at least twice as potent as the schwag it came from, and not only that it will be a wayyyy cleaner high, and probably wayy smoother if you dry and cure right.

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I’m glad you agree with some of my points. but you’re wrong about shwag being mostly hermie. Those guys down there in Mexico know what they’re dong when it comes to growing. All of the handling stages AFTERWARDS are a different story. Growing acres of hermies will not make the money they’re after. Shit weed is seeded because they don’t get all of the males out in time. and because theres just too many plants to go through to separate every single male. Also, they need males to be present so that they have seeds for the next crop. I’m sure SOME of their plants are gonna be hermies. but they haven’t allowed their genetics to dictate that hermies are the majority.

You don’t think those Mexican growers ever get their hands on seeds that are from other special strains of weed? You don’t think they take those seeds and throw em out there in their crop and just have a huge mixture of strains going on out there? I think ALL weed strains are potent and capable of yielding nice big buds.

I don’t buy seeds from seed companies. Why? Because its a waste of money and an unworthy risk. My grows are ALL of seeds I get from my bags (which I purchase from my dealer). I’ve always had fat colas and Trichome laden buds. I’ve seen close up pictures of buds from all over and NONE of them had any more Trichomes than the bagseed I’ve grown (and I’ve used bagseed from many different sources). Also, the colas and buds I’ve grown (from commercial bagseed mind you) have always been just as large as any I’ve seen in pictures of these “great” strains sold by seed companies.

Like I always say “you can’t blame it on the strain”. There aren’t strains that are of a low potency and there aren’t strains that inherently have small buds. The Mexican growers sure as hell don’t continue to grow plants from genetics that will be of small yields and low potency. but they ARE hasty in their drying/curing process because they’re anxious to hurry up and get their product to the buyers and they compact it into bricks in order to get large amounts of it into America and other places where it must be smuggled. Thats why its SHIT when it gets to us.

Bottom line: I don’t think there are any strains of weed in existence that are of low quality. There aren’t strains that produce small colas. and there aren’t strains that are significantly less potent than others. Why would someone use up acres of land to grow impotent, small yielding weed? They don’t. they grow GOOD weed. and the dry it quickly and then compress it into bricks (which damages the Trichomes).

I’ll let you all in on another tid bit of information. The BAGSEED I grow is grown under FLUORESCENT tubes. I don’t use MH or HPS lights. I don’t even use CFLs. How is it that I can take seeds from my bags (which is medium quality weed), grow them under Fluorescent tubes ONLY) and STILL have large colas and lots of Trichomes? I’ll tell you how. Its because you don’t need to buy seeds online or through magazines and you don’t have to use MH or HPS lights. A lot of growers just BELIEVE that this is the way you need to do it in order to get big buds with lots of Trichomes. They’re wrong. They are wasting their money on seeds, buying MH and HPS lights (which are expensive), and the electricity to run them. I think a lot of growers need to stop trying so hard and quit being so meticulous about growing. Just give your plants what they want. and they will do what they have evolved to do.

Here in Florida, I can either buy commercial weed (which is fairly green and gets us very high) for $40 a quarter. or we can buy “dro” for $100 a quarter . which is of the perfect texture, is covered in crystals, tastes fantastic and gets you as high as you’ve ever been. I’ve learned that “dro” doesn’t have to be grown hydroponically under MH or HPS lights to be high quality. The reason why I’m so sure is because the weed I grow is JUST AS GOOD. and I grow in SOIL under fluorescent tubes.

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At harvest time, I dry and cure it properly. and then I package it LOOSELY (not compacted). The weed I grow is almost completely consumed by ME. but occasionally I sell a bag here and there to close friends and I call it “dro” when I sell it to them for $100 a quarter. Nobody has ever disputed it being “dro”. They’ve always told me that it was excellent and then asked for more.

I hope I’ve straightened things out for the new growers on this site. so they can finally grow weed at a minimal cost. Save seeds from your bags. Don’t buy seeds online or through magazines. and don’t spend hundreds of dollars on MH or HPS lights. Just give your plants a sufficient amount of light, the proper nutrients and a good soil. and you will have some of the most high quality weed that you’ve ever smoked.

Thank you, Mexicans. for sending me free seeds.

I’m going to put the link to this post in my sig so that it may help other growers in the future. I’m going to include the best tips I can give in a numerical order.

1. Save your bagseeds. Don’t buy seeds from seed companies unless you want a specific flavor (like Tangerine which tastes exactly like Tangerines or some other flavorful strain). Even then, you need to seriously think about whether you’re willing to associate your identity with buying seeds. Would you like to run the risk of a seed company’s records being seized and the feds tracing purchases to you?

2. Don’t run with the herd. You don’t need Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lights to grow a lot of good bud. Fluorescent tubes will due just fine and they are MUCH cheaper.

3. Make sure that you plant your seedlings in a nutrient free soil. There are 2 reasons for this. Soil with nutrients will burn and kill seedlings. Also, you will be able to add nutrients at will.

4. Let the soil dry out before you apply water. Over watering is a common mistake. Water your plants. and then wait until the soil is dry 2-3 inches deep.

5. During the vegetative stage, let your lights stay on 24/0. Plants love light and they (contrary to what others might say) don’t need “rest”. During veg, they need all the light they can get. If you do this, your plants will be short and wide. and they will be ready for flowering a lot quicker.

6. Top your plants. My method of topping is waiting until your plant is about a foot tall and then pinching off the newest leaves at their base. If you do this every now and then, you will create 2 colas where there would be 1.

7. During the vegetative cycle, give your plants a vegging nutrient formula. A good nutrient formula for vegging is high in Nitrogen (which is the nutrient used by plants for leaf growth) and lower in Phosphorus and Potassium. For vegging, I use Miracle Grow All Purpose (24-8-6).

8. During flowering, give your plants a nutrient high in Phosphorus. Phosphorus (which is used by plants for flower growth). I use Miracle Grow Bloom Booster (15-30-15).

9. Let your plants get at least 2 feet tall before flowering. When you’re ready to flower, reduce the light cycle to 12/12 (which is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark).

10. Use a fan to blow on your plants. They need a fan for 2 reasons. One reason is to reduce the heat in the area. The second reason (and the most important reason) is because wind strengthens the stems. The thicker/stronger the stem, the bigger the buds.

11. Wait until 75% of the bud hairs are brown before harvesting. Also, wait until at least SOME of the Trichomes are amber. If you follow that advice, you’ll get the best (most balanced) high. This way, you’ll get a buzz that you’ll feel in your body and in your mind.

12. Dry your harvest properly. Don’t throw it in the microwave (like your friends might suggest). Hang them up in a dark, well ventilated, cool area until they feel dry on the outside.

13. Cure your buds after drying. This is an extension of the drying process and will make your weed taste delicious. Place the buds in air tight jars and open each jar every day to let dry air in. Move the buds around so that they all get some fresh air. Do this for a few weeks. Once the buds feel like they are just as moist on the outside as they are on the inside. Remember not to pack them down in the jar. Packing them will damage the Trichomes. Now they are ready to store and smoke.

14. Store your finished product in air tight bags. and DO NOT compact them.

15. Don’t try too hard. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on Mh/HPS lights. or hydroponic systems. Don’t be so meticulous about what brand of soil/nutrients/light proportions. Plants are happy as long as they get what they need. They have grown successfully in the wild for millions of years. and they didn’t need babying.

16. If you can grow outside rather than inside, do it. No light compares to sunlight. Your yield will be much better.

Those are my basic tips. (in general) if you follow these tips, you will spend the least amount of money and yield the best results. You’ll also run into little or no nutrient problems.