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devil x devil

Devil x devil

The two doujinshis for the first couple suggest she had enough material to make Devil x Devil a standalone oneshot with no unrelated stories, so I’m not sure why she had to release them as dounjinshis instead of published works.

8 years after she made this, she started doing Tiger & Bunny doujinshis, & boy can you not read this after seeing them & not see Hotei & Suzaku as Tiger & Bunny. Especially since her most-known T&B DJ has the exact same title as chapter 2.
There’s lots of inconsistencies with the first couple between the first two chapters, like personality & wing size. Hotei goes from a masculine-enough tsundere to a sniveling woman by chapter 2.

7) Sono ___ no Futari – not scanlated Less.
When she said “this manga took 2 months to finish” I’m assuming she meant “the first solo story” & not “the whole book” because goddamn this is really good art if she spit this out in the amount of time most mangaka only get out two chapters. The character art anyway, she actively avoids backgrounds entirely 90% of the time.
4) Transformer – not scanlated
5) Start From the Fingertips.
1-2) Devil x Devil & Fifty Fifty
Hotei is a low-level devil that lives off of human energy. But lately, heâ??s having trouble getting any, due to a newcomer in town named Suzaku. Suzaku has been hogging up all of the girls in town, leaving Hotei hungry and desperate. One day, a human boy gives Hotei a piece of candy. Although there is a danger heâ??ll have a bad reaction, Hotei eats it, and turns into a young boy! Knowing that Suzaku prefers young boys, Hotei decides to use his appearance to leech off of Suzaku and have revenge. But with a turn of events, Hotei finds himself at the receiving end of his prank!

UPDATE: There was a 2014 special rerelease that may or may not be all DxD material in one book & may or may not have nrw chapters. デビル×デビル<特別版>-ビーボーイコミックス-沢内サチヨ-ebook/dp/B00ORH4TQ8/re f=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1534680689&sr=8-2&keywords=沢内サチヨ

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