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Jacinta decides to go, as the feast is in her parents’ hometown. On the way there, she takes a bus, and meets people that also want to go to the party with her. She is happy to bring them along, but does not like how some of them place such a high importance on money, which is materialistic and of international origin.
Jacinta Wariinga is the main character of the novel, and is introduced beginning in the second chapter. Jacinta has recently lost her boyfriend, and has become suicidal. Luckily, a man saves her before she is about to commit suicide, and he hands her an invitation to some sort of party called “The Devil’s Feast”.
Devil on the Cross is a Kenyan novel that focuses primarily on the lives of Kenyans.
As it turns out, the “Devil’s Feast” was a collection of Kenyan businessmen and women who are sharing how they earned their profits. Most of them profited on the backs of the poor, which disgusts Jacinta and some of the others that she brought to the party with her. However, some of Jacinta’s guests hop on board with the idea, and see nothing wrong with profiting off of cheap labor.
Shortly after Kenyan independence from European imperial nations, it was easily arguable that Kenya still was not truly independent. Although the country had their own legislatures, the influence of international culture and currency still played a large role in the daily lives of everyday citizens. In the opinion of the author, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, this was a bad influence.
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