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dentistry in costa rica reviews

Shea from Portland, Maine traveled to Costa Rica for dental work at 25% of the price quoted by his American dentist. He needed extensive work on several teeth which he had neglected since childhood. This included six root canals and crowns – eek!

Sammi wanted to correct the position of some teeth that had moved back after she’d had braces twice earlier in life. Her US dentist had said the only option was another course of orthodontic work costing thousands of dollars. However her dentist in Costa Rica was willing to try a retainer, which is producing great results.
Sammi says her experiences with Costa Rican dentists have been “nothing but excellent” – and she is not usually a fan of going to the dentist. She notes that when you visit a dentist there it’s actually the dentist who does most of the work, whereas in the US a hygienist typically does your cleanings and a lot of the preparatory work.

We know there is a lot of information available online, and sadly some of it is false advertising from clinics desperate for dental tourism patients. That’s why we’ve included a section at the end of this article to help you filter out fake reviews.

  • Consider the costs of flights, transport, food, accommodation and other travel costs – not just the cheap dental care
  • Look for a dentist with a US education
  • Check review sites and not just the dentist’s own website
  • Know what your options are if anything goes wrong after you return home

You’ll probably find the most impartial reviews on independent blogs (such as those featured here). Of course, it’s still possible the writer received a small discount to mention the dentist or clinic, but most just want to share the information with others. Do be wary of any reviews that seem 100% positive and don’t mention any downsides at all.
Well, it certainly helps to look further than the clinic’s own website and YouTube channel. No doubt you’ll find plenty of good testimonials there, but it’s easy to cherry-pick the happiest patients and discard any negative comments.
If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here are some of the key points he makes:

Are you considering dental work in Costa Rica? Reviews from former patients can be a rich source of advice and information as you research your decision. Before you get dental implants in Costa Rica, or other dental work, discover what the experience was like for others.

Costa Rica is a popular dental tourism location. Read reviews from people who got dental work like dental implants in Costa Rica to find your clinic.

Thanks to everyone at the Costa Rica Dental Lab for a job very well done.

I spoke with Geovanna several times before I decided to go to Costa Rica for my dental work. As soon as we arrived at the airport, they had a driver to pick us up and bring us to the clinic. It is a 2 chair office that well exceeds the service that I have had in the US. I had 16 teeth ground down for caps. In 2 hours, temps made and out in 3.
I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Salas and especially Geovanna who explained everything and made me feel relaxed , don’t look for ultra high tech equipment like a camera in your mouth projected onto a screen etc. which the dentist in the states charge you a mint for.

If I was in any discomfort they immediately stopped to reevaluate before proceeding.
I arrived at the Costa Rica Clinic at around 7 pm with severe pain due to several infected teeth and many other serious dental problems caused by sub standard dental work by another clinic in the recent past. The people at this clinic took such good care of me. They stayed and worked on me until 10 pm and took care of the emergency issues that first night. During the next 5 days, they rebuilt my mouth. I am totally satisfied with their work. They treated me like royalty. I had 6 teeth pulled due to serious infection, had 5 root canals and 3 bridges. One of the bridges contained 15 crowns. Very extensive dental work and done very well. Thank You, to the Costa Rica Dental Lab.
I had a few cavities filled, teeth cleaned, a bridge made and also had a bone graft and a post put in. Very good service all done within the week. Had very minor discomfort after pulling out a tough tooth but to be expected. Healed very fast after. My bridge feels very normal now, perfect alignment for Dr Caesar and lab technician Francisco.
I recommend the clinic to all my friends and relatives!
Right then they proceeded to remove all of the crowns, bridges, the awful front tooth implant and make a full set of temporaries (called provisionals in Costa Rica). I think from the time we left the airport it was 45 minutes (give or take) to the clinic and then probably 3.5-4.0 hours until my crowns were removed and I had the temporary in place.

I originally intended to have a dental implant and 3 veneers done, but I ended up just having the tooth extracted and getting a full 6 tooth bridge. My teeth came out PHENOMENALLY. I cannot even believe how good they look, my smile is amazing.

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