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della haze

To much pheno variation! Review by ALONE

A great plant indeed! (Posted on 2/20/2013)

Top 5 Review by Fun Guy

As a 10 years MM card holder I grow my own in california, and were eagerly looking for a strain that took me through the day and kept me active. The effects appered to me as relevant for mild depression and anxiety trouble .
A keeper for my medical grow; perfect outdoor too; if started early inside can lead to harvest several pounds per plant!!
(Posted on 6/4/2014)
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2 phenos nice size .9/10 weeks.big yeilder.FANTASTIC. (Posted on 5/6/2014)
Some would be glad to get a pheno thats 100% California Lemon Skunk and another pheno thats 100% Mango Haze..Right?
But compared to the Mango Haze pheno the Cali Lemon Skunk doesnt stand a chance as a keeper.
I got these seeds because I use this herb amsolt every day, plus I was told its a tough plant even in colder mid-west climates. They’re still in the seedling stage, but they’re doing good so far! (Posted on 6/2/2012)

Indoor growers will salivate at the possibility of a Haze strain that is relatively quick to flower (9 weeks) and comes with a result that packs a potent punch. Despite the Haze heritage, this plant will not grow out of control as long as induced to flower within the first weeks of vegetative. On average this plant will only take 9 weeks, although we recommend taking one extra week of flowering in order to unlock the full wonders of its fine citrus/Haze bouquet.

The fruity citrus taste of this plant provides something for the haze aficionado, while big yields and early finish will bring smiles all