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deep water cultivation system

Deep water cultivation system

What Is DWC Hydroponics

Another great thing about this kit is that it is extendable. So, if your need doesn’t suffice in 4 pots, you can always add more.
The Best Part of the system:

Features a gravity fed watering system so it doesn’t need any power, timers or pumps for functioning. The system simply diffuses the nutrients to the plants when they have consumed an adequate amount of those from their own units.
All you need to do is connect the water pump to the tubing.
The system comes with a large 5-gallon bucket with the 6 inches basket lid, 44 GPH air pump, Rockwool plugs for the growing mediums, tubing and the air stones that makes the system perfect.
We have also discussed about this product in the previous guide, as this system is the best DWC system.
Water, which is the main hydroponic farming system, means that you will not need to water your crops. Water acts as the soil in this case. Nutrients are necessary for the growth and health of any crop. Good quality soil contains all the right nutrients that foster proper and strong growth for the crops. In hydroponics, no soil is present but the water needs the nutrients in order for the crops to grow. In this case, the water is fed with nutrients that boost and nourish the weed crop.

Now that you know the products that best suit hydroponics growing, it is good to understand further, what DWC is and what it entails especially for those trying hydroponics for the first time or those that are thinking of venturing into the system. In DWC HYDROPONICS SYSTEM, plant roots grow suspended in an oxygenated in a rich nutrient and water solution. The three sections of the solution, water, oxygen and nutrients provide the weed crop with everything they need for healthy growth. Oxygen plays a big role in making sure the roots get the oxygen they need from the water spaces, as there is no soil in the solution. With the oxygen, the crops would drown in the water. To make sure that the water has enough oxygen always, an air stone and pump are used.

Now that you know the products that best suit hydroponics growing, it is good to understand further, what DWC is and what it entails especially for those trying hydroponics for the first time or…

Deep water cultivation system

When should I change my nutrient solution?

The longest you should wait before changing out your solution is three weeks, but this is just a general case. It depends on:

  • Very low maintenance once you set it up
  • Extremely fast growing time compared to soil (I’ve grown lettuce to harvest in 30 days instead of 60 in soil)
  • Very little moving parts and assembly

Here’s an example:
The traditional method is amazing for beginners, but what if you want to scale your system to the next level? Most people move to a RDWC, or Recirculating Deep Water Culture system when they want to upgrade their garden.
What should the temperature of my reservoir be?
Although many people don’t consider Bubbleponics to be all that different that the traditional DWC, I personally think that it has a few advantages and is important enough to talk about. Despite its silly name, the adaptation that Bubbleponics makes is simple.

  • In small systems, pH, water level, and nutrient concentration may fluctuate wildly
  • In small systems, opportunity to over or undercalibrate is VERY easy due to small scale
  • If you have an electricity outage or a pump failure, your roots may “drown” in low-oxygen nutrient solution
  • It can be difficult to maintain a consistent water temperature

This is not a yes or no question. Some hydroponic gardeners want to keep their reservoir sterile. This means they won’t have any of the biological contaminants that might plague a hydroponic garden, like algae. But at the same time, they won’t be able to take advantage of beneficial bacteria. If you do decide to add beneficial biology to your reservoir, just be aware that it comes with the risk of having not-so-beneficial biological organisms tag along for the ride.

Deep water culture is one of the simplest ways to get into growing plants hydroponically, but it sounds very confusing and complex. Let's break it down!