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daydream strain

This unique strain can be a perfect companion in a lazy morning or a chill-out afternoon when you decided to chill out and just be relaxed. Daydreaming will become a reality once you tried some rolls of this Sunshine Daydream Strain. There are some instances that cannabis users were stunned when they first tried this unique hybrid. Nonetheless, once they were able to overcome the potent flavor of diesel- then they will know what Paul McCartney and the late John Lennon meant when they sang ‘Good day Sunshine.’
However, one of his best friends briefed him that it has something to do with the dosage he took that time. They tried a different strain, and took a smaller ‘bite’ on it- the result was different from his first experience, but it was too much for him to handle. Again, another bigger ‘NO-NO’ came out of his psyche, but he thought his last attempt was not that bad; it was just exaggerated.
3 to 7 (out of 10) cannabis users who tried some rolls of Sunshine Daydream Strain experienced being:
Having some headaches, dizziness, some anxiety attacks, red or dry eyes, and cottonmouth (dry mouth) are some of the noted side effects of using Sunshine Daydream hybrid. Proper hydration and practicing moderate intake are some of the primary keys on how to lessen or evade these unwanted adverse effects.
As a recommendation, this cannabis strain is perfect if you and your weed friends and companions are planning to have a relaxing afternoon and to escape from reality for some time. This unique cannabis hybrid is produced and marketed by the weed people of Bodhi Seeds, and a sweet berry tinge defines the overall flavor of this weed hybrid, but predominantly it is a tasty blend of fruit and diesel essences.
2 to 4 (out of 10) patients believe it that this weed strain can be helpful against:
‘Good day Sunshine’ is one of the most iconic songs of the best band in the world, the Beatles. Without even doing some research about the background of the song, you will probably notice it is a song that speaks of enthusiasm and being driven. Just like with the Sunshine Daydream cannabis strain, its diesel-like zest will overwhelm your whole being that will make you feel a sunny daydream atmosphere.
Ironically speaking, this review came from a self-professed who hated his first cannabis experiences badly, but Sunshine Daydream hybrid was able to save the day and gave this weed strain a five-star rating. According to him, he smoked a strange combination (at least for him) and left him ‘dead’ (as per his description), and when he ‘rose again,’ he had this terrible headache and immediate at that instance- it was a big ‘NO’ against cannabis.
He again contacted his best cannabis buddy, who did another research and out of desperation- availed some Sunshine Daydream stuff, and they planned another pot session. This time, it was the sweetest since he found and smoked ‘gold.’ For him, it seemed that the feelings of happiness and total relaxation are carrying him somewhere else he could not describe- he was like a ‘lost lover’ finally meeting and enjoying the love of his life.
Having a dream in a middle of a lovely day is now a reality. Thanks to the Sunshine Daydream Strain roll’s overall benefits. Check it out.