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dark heart nursery strains

Dark heart nursery strains

Grace says his experiences as a cannabis cultivator taught him why growers need reliable, high-value clones like the ones Dark Heart now produces. He’d initially sourced pathetic, infested, stunted clones for his first grow ops, and the results were awful. By networking in the thriving Oakland marijuana community, he eventually landed his first premium genetics strains: Sensi Star and Hindu Skunk.

As with Dark Heart clones, the seedlings aren’t offered for sale until they have well-established root systems. Grace says feminized seedlings are particularly popular with large-scale greenhouse and outdoor marijuana growers who benefit from bulk discounts.
Dark Heart avoids these problems by using integrated pest management (IPM) and sealed grow facilities. Grace’s team wears sterile suits and gloves, just like if they were working in a microchip manufacturing clean room. They isolate the growing areas from unfiltered outside air and any other vectors that could transfer pests, fungi, mold, mildew or contaminants into the grow spaces.

This was during the golden years for California marijuana growers, before politicians gutted Dennis Peron’s Prop. 215, the nation’s first voter-approved medical marijuana law, and before Prop. 64 and the politicians’ draconian “legalization” regulatory implementation scheme created confusion and increased costs for cannabis entrepreneurs. At the time, premium retail California bud sold for $3000-4000 a pound wholesale. Grace and his partner had good reason to believe they’d soon earn a lot of money and help heal the world in the marijuana business.
The exclusivity and mouthwatering diversity in their strain menu is accompanied by a rigorous quality control program that eliminates the many problems clones can transfer into a grow room.
Another problem for clone purchasers is that many clone sellers use poisons to control pests and diseases in their clone factories. Some of these poisons are covertly systemic, and growers get a nasty surprise when lab testing reveals harmful contaminants when the clones are grown out and harvested.
The Dark Heart team does constant monitoring of all plants and grow spaces using pest traps and visual examination. As a preventive blockade, or if pests are found in any quantity, the team uses predatory insects to knock back the invaders. Before any clone leaves the facility for sale, it’s rigorously hand-inspected and treated. If a clone can’t be guaranteed as 100% free of pests and pathogens, it’s discarded, Grace says.
Managing the selection, quality, health, vigor and longevity of marijuana motherplants is a top priority for Grace. Some growers, marijuana seeds makers and clone producers keep cherished motherplants alive for many years, but Grace wants to ensure the most vital motherplants so he takes tissue culture samples from premium plants at the outset of a clone production program and uses those timeless samples to generate identical-phenotype motherplants every few months. He also uses tissue culture to make clones, which ensures 100% phenotype consistency.

Some people are prejudiced against cannabis users and entrepreneurs. A percentage of landlords, friends, investors, family, banks, and police don’t view a marijuana farmer the same way they more-favorably view a soybean farmer. This makes cannabis farming a special kind of agriculture that comes with built-in obstacles. “My goal is to produce perfect clones that make the farmer’s life easier and the crops more productive and valuable,” Grace says.

Dark Heart Nursery offers you the rarest, healthiest, strongest marijuana clones ever.