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dark devil grow

Dark devil grow

That’s my only rule. I want us to have fun with this. We have an opportunity to share information on the Dark Devil Auto but also on techniques on increasing the harvest yield and potency of autos. This may be a new approach to data collection on a particular strain here at 420 and I’m going to be winging it, so I ask for your patience if things get challenging. I don’t anticipate any concerns.

I want to start accumulating data on the growing of this particular strain, the Dark Devil Auto by Sweet Seeds. I chose this strain based solely on its picture on Herbie’s site, such a girl thing to do, I know, but the instinct served me well. This easy to grow strain rewarded me with the finest buzz I’ve grown to date. I know of one other grower on this site, bobrown14, who got the same effects that I got from my harvest, not surprising since we grow in comparable soils, based on the Clackamas Coots-style of Living Organic Soil (LOS). Reading some dud reviews of this strain convinces me that the soil choice may have been a big contributing factor to what I experienced.
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“If I set a goal and it doesn’t excite me and terrify me at the same time, I’m doing something wrong.” -Bob Proctor
This is SweetSue’s obsessive strain, and I’m not shy about it. It occurred to me that it might be fun to run some seeds side-by-side with others who were experimenting with the Dark Devil Auto too, and so we gathered three of us to start. This journal is open to anyone who wants to document your own Dark Devil Grow.
This strain kept me high the entire time I smoked it. What I mean by that is that there were often spans of up to 24 hours and I was still feeling effects. Both Bob and I had borderline hallucinogenic effects. My experience was the zippy high I’d been searching for, one that had me out walking along the river or cleaning the house while I hummed a happy tune.
Jump in whenever you’re ready. The water’s fine.
The only thing I ask is that you stop once a week and add an update of your grow, if one is in progress. I welcome any and all reposts of previous grows, should you want yours included. I will maintain the journal, so if you disappear in the middle of your grow, I’ll probably come looking for you.

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I want to start accumulating data on the growing of this particular strain, the Dark Devil Auto by Sweet Seeds. I chose this strain based solely on its…

Dark devil grow

From the moment it germinates, Dark Devil Auto® shows off its strong hybrid vigour. The plants develop with an indica–sativa hybrid structure, featuring a strong stem and an abundance of lateral branches.

An excellent strain, great yield, beautiful colour and very think smoke, not to mention the great taste.
Besides growing at a great rate, she is turning purple. It’s great, I cannot believe it!

There is just one word to describe her – she’s a beast! It’s the most impressive plant I have seen in a long time.
My plant sprouted on April 27, 2018. This is my favourite strain to grow and my favourite to smoke. I hope that I get some purple colour this time. I am going to employ the LST (low-stress training) grow technique. The technique consists of carefully bending the young plants’ branches and tying them in position as they grow outwards. This generates new spaces for several new shoots to emerge and produces greater yields.
The rest of the parameters were the same as for weeks 1 and 2, the plants grew to 24 cm tall.
I applied the same conditions as in week 3. She is already showing her sex and growing at an amazing rate! New branches are already starting to appear after using the LST (low-stress training) technique.
I obtained a yield of 63 g of buds in dry weight.

And here it is, I got a purple plant! She’s beautiful and still getting fatter!

Dark Devil Auto® Grow Diary : Dark Devil Auto® of Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Dark Devil Auto, is a hybrid of one of our most highly rated autoflowering strains, Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28)