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dab without a rig

Dab without a rig

Using a “dab rig vaporizer” may not be the standard oil rig with dab nail and blowtorch, but they still provide a true dab rig experience with the ease of vaping, all designed for the true dab connoisseur.

Most small bubblers are not really designed for concentrates but again, it is possible to either top a small bowl of flower with a dab or stick a dab to the side of the bowl and heat it the same way as mentioned above. Also, some larger, bubbler pipes use a glass-on-glass bong bowl, so if that is the case, you can just replace the bong bowl with a dab nail and use the bubbler just like a dab rig.
If you decide to use a bong, having a wider mouthpiece will not affect the quality of your dabbing experience much, it is just not as efficient as a dab rig because there is slightly more air within the air pathway. The only other change you will need when using a bong to dab wax, is a dab nail versus the usual bong bowl piece. Most quality glass water pipes are glass-on-glass. This means the downstem, or piece that connects the bowl piece to the chamber, is made of glass and so is the bowl piece. There are two standard sizes of glass-on-glass downstems so just make sure you get a dab nail that matches your downstem.

by: Nathaniel C. | 11/25/19 3:30PM
Nectar collectors have all the benefits of a dab rig but are handheld, making them easier to use and much more portable. There is not even a need to have a dabber tool as you can simply dip the nectar collector tip into a wax jar to start dabbing. To use the nectar collector, just heat the metal or ceramic tip with a blowtorch style lighter (unless it is an E-nectar collector), and when the tip is hot to your liking, carefully dip it into the wax and inhale. Nectar collectors are perfect for those just getting into dabbing or want more of a traditional dab experience rather than a wax vape, but also want something that is easier to use and handle than an oil rig.
Some good examples of nectar collectors are the mini silicone nectar collectors as well as the standard glass nectar collector with a titanium tip. The glass is perfect for glass enthusiasts who love the feel and purity that glass provides. The silicone nectar collector is made from food grade, high heat resistant silicone so it provides just as clean of flavor as glass and has the added benefit of being much more durable.
A water pipe (or bong) is very similar to a dab rig. The main difference is the circumference of the tube area that extends from the base of the bong or rig to the top where the mouthpiece. This is the part above the water chamber and is basically the smoke pathway. The mouthpiece on a dab rig is often much skinnier than a bong as you are not producing as much smoke when inhaling concentrates than you would with flower.
It is quite possible to dab using just a standard bong bowl piece as well. Just stick a dab to the inside of the bowl piece and use a blowtorch style lighter or electronic ceramic heating element to vaporize or burn the wax. Many people also like to place a small bit of ground flower in the bottom of their bowl piece and top it with a dab. The first rip will melt the wax into the remaining flower, creating a potent and flavorful cocktail.

No dab rig, no problem. Dabbing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but if you are just jumping into the world of dabbing, you may not want to make a large investment into a dab rig.

Dab without a Rig using Nectar Collectors & other Dab Tools.