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cronuts #4

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Effects: The initial effects are cerebral; it’s fast-acting. Even though this cut of Cronuts is Sativa-dominant, a very noticeable body component settled in. Overall, it felt like an almost even mix of body and mind. The potency on this batch was short lived due to low THC levels.
Case : Cronuts #4 (flower)

2019 Update : PTS has dialed in this strain and patients cant’ seem to get enough of it.
Date Purchased: 07/12/2016
Duration of Effects: 1.5 or longer, depending on dosage
Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 16.43%; THC .28%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% ( LK Pure Labs )
May Help With: Helped with minor nerve pain, insomnia, & stress. Other research indicates treatment for Crohn’s, G.I. conditions, joint swelling, intra-ocular pressure, headaches, and generalized pain (and more)

Genotype: Cronuts #4 = Girl Scout Cookies (forum cut) X Sin City Kush

A product review of PTS’ Cronuts #4 flower