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critical sensi star flowering time

Critical sensi star flowering time

Plants give off a very intense aroma, which combines sweet and acid touches with shades of strawberry and gummies. The flavour has a remarkable Skunk base, intensified by grinding the flowers and consuming them in a cannabis vaporiser.

Expect a fast-acting and powerful effect that’s particularly cerebral and psychoactive but also gently physically sedative.
Cannabis cups won by Critical Sensi Star:

Hard and oval-shaped flowers, loaded with bloated calyxes, coated with shiny and aromatic trichomes. A plant with few leaves, making it very easy to manicure.
It won’t give a coach-lock effect but instead inspires you to be active and sociable, chatting with friends, out partying or going for a walk.
Created by combining Critical Sensi Star with a fast growing selection of Critical Mass by Mr Nice. A hybrid that combines the best of both plants.
Highly resistant to pests and fungi, and not at all demanding at nutritional level, Critical Sensi Star Early Version is a very simple variety to cultivate.
It matures quickly, after just 45 days of flowering, enough time to yield an indoor harvest of up to 500g per m2 and up to 800g per plant cultivated outdoors in the ground.

The result is a variety that grows with a compact structure, typical of an indica hybrid. It develops a large central bud that stands out among many secondary branches. Ideal for SOG cultivation.

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