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critical mass weed strain

Critical mass weed strain

Far be it from a stoner to notice an industry trend, but I couldn’t help but observe that Critical Mass has been taking up an increasing amount of space in local dispensaries. Looking around various pot shop menus online confirmed the strain’s clout in the industry. But is Critical Mass also deserving of critical acclaim?

Effects: Critical Mass delivers a short burst of vigor after the first few hits, but it should definitely be considered a nighttime and relaxation strain. Sedative effects are tough to keep at bay after an hour or so, making the mind eager for amusement but too tired to create its own, so have entertainment ready. Patients use the strain to treat insomnia, eating disorders, nausea, stress and minor pain.
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Flavor: The indica’s flavor is slightly skunkier and heavier on the wood than its smell, but the two are largely similar.
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Smell: Critical Mass’s indica effect extends into aromatherapy, with sedative scents of powdery bubble gum and spicy wood, subtle hints of berry, and a pungent, skunky smell taking over at the end.
Home grower’s take: “Kinda makes me float. I think it’s one of the easier indicas to handle, but it can still make you go to sleep after a couple hours. I can see why more shops are growing it, because it flowers pretty fast and yields over two pounds per plant. It’s a lot like Blue Dream in that aspect, but more like an old-school version. People today don’t appreciate strains that taste like hash and wood and skunk anymore. Everyone wants fruity shit nowadays, like beer.”

In the meantime, Critical Mass can be found at over a dozen dispensaries in the metro area. My favorites so far have been grown by Seed & Smith and Pineapple Exchange; both cultivations serve up hash-heavy cuts of the strain, with a combination of initial uplift and inevitable relaxation that’s much more like a ride on a Ferris wheel ride than a roller coaster.

Critical Mass counts Afghani and Skunk #1 as its parents, a no-brainer for Dutch and Spanish growing circles. Classic but delicious flavors of bark, bubble gum and hash from its Afghani lineage pair well with Skunk’s pungent, tart notes, but that’s not what has made Critical Mass such a commercial hit. Its prolific…