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critical mass marijuana strain

Critical mass marijuana strain

Mr. Nice greenhouse with Critical Mass

Criminal + by Ripper Seeds is another Critical Mass hybrid worth mentioning. They’ve used one of their best Indicas, Double Glock, to reduce the flowering time of Critical even more, up to 7-8 weeks. Yields are also increased, and the structure of plants is more robust and resistant.
Philosopher Seeds Amnesika 2.0 is a cross between Critical Mass and the acclaimed and multi-awarded Amnesia Haze, perhaps one of the most Sativa versions of Critical. Amnesia Haze transmits its stimulant and uplifting effect, also its delicious haze, nutty flavor which perfectly combines with the fruity notes of Critical Mass. Despite being a 70% Sativa hybrid, its bloom period takes just 9 weeks, even a bit less depending on growing conditions. As couldn’t be otherwise, it is a top yielder.

CBD Critical Mass by CBD Crew
Dinafem Critical Cheese combines the most renowned cuts from Spain and UK respectively, Critical Mass and Cheese (a Skunk #1 clone). If we remember, Critical is an Afghan x Skunk #1 cross, so it could be considered a backcross although the Skunk used to develop Critical Mass was probably a different line, more sweet and fruity than Cheese. As often happens with Critical hybrids, the bloom period of Cheese is reduced while the flavor resulting from this combination is simply amazing, as well as yields.
Mr. Nice Seedbank, creators of Critical Mass
Also, different versions with high CBD content have been – and are being – developed throughout the years. As you may know, CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis and has diverse therapeutic properties. Royal Queen Seeds Medical Mass is a hybrid between Royal Madre and Critical, with excellent 1:1 THC:CBD ratio (10-11%) and a bloom period of only 8 weeks. It is ideal for those who seek relief but don’t want to “get high”, being suitable to perform your daily activities without a problem.
Amnesika 2.0, a Sativa with Critical genes

Naturally, several automatic versions of Critical Mass have also been developed, such as Big Buddha Seeds Critical Mass Automatic. The Big Buddha’s Automatic was used to create this auto hybrid and transmit the autoflower trait, which resulted in a XL AutoFem strain which is ready after 10-11 weeks from seedling and keeps the fruity and spicy scent of Critical. Another example is Critical Express by Positronics, for which they used the same Critical parent used for Critical #47 and Lowryder 2. The complete cycle is slightly shorter than the former (9-10 weeks), and THC content is quite high for an auto strain.

Since its development before 2000, Mr. Nice Seedbank Critical Mass has become one of the most popular, grown and awarded genetics in Europe, especiall