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critical mass genetics

Critical mass genetics

As we mentioned, different Critical Mass clones have been used to develop the many versions and crosses which can be found nowadays.We’ll then find subtle variations between the different varieties, with slightly longer or shorter bloom periods, flavors varying in intensity or higher or lower yields. Here are some of the most popular amoung growers:

Criminal + by Ripper Seeds is another Critical Mass hybrid worth mentioning. They’ve used one of their best Indicas, Double Glock, to reduce the flowering time of Critical even more, up to 7-8 weeks. Yields are also increased, and the structure of plants is more robust and resistant.
CBD Critical Mass by CBD Crew

Almost 20 years have passed since Mr. Nice Seedbank was founded in 1998 by Scott Blakey, Nevil Shoenmakers and Howard Marks. Scott and Nevil, former partners of Arjan Roskam in the Green House Seed Company, decided to share their strains by creating a new seed company that quickly earned its place in the market and which got the name of the alias of the third partner, Howard Marks. At the time when feminized seeds were entering the market and demand was increasing every day (in countries like Spain and thanks to grow shops people were starting to grow their own pot), Shantibaba (Scott) and Nevil developed some of the most popular genetics of that time, like Black Widow (their own version of the White Widow), Neville’s Haze, La Niña or the renowned Critical Mass.
Another example, this one developed by CBD Crew (of which Shantibaba is a member), is CBD Critical Mass, a strain with the same THC:CBD ratio than the previous but with lower cannabinoid content, around 5%. This means that the feeling of being high is even milder while therapeutic properties are kept. Its fruity and sweet flavor is a favourite among many cannabis patients.
Another splendid Critical Mass hybrid is Barney’s Farm Critical Kush, a mostly Indica strain with marked OG Kush traits although with the production of Critical Mass. Ideal for those who need relaxing and sedative effects to treat sleep disorders, it is ready to harvest in just 8 weeks.
Also, different versions with high CBD content have been – and are being – developed throughout the years. As you may know, CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis and has diverse therapeutic properties. Royal Queen Seeds Medical Mass is a hybrid between Royal Madre and Critical, with excellent 1:1 THC:CBD ratio (10-11%) and a bloom period of only 8 weeks. It is ideal for those who seek relief but don’t want to “get high”, being suitable to perform your daily activities without a problem.
Naturally, several automatic versions of Critical Mass have also been developed, such as Big Buddha Seeds Critical Mass Automatic. The Big Buddha’s Automatic was used to create this auto hybrid and transmit the autoflower trait, which resulted in a XL AutoFem strain which is ready after 10-11 weeks from seedling and keeps the fruity and spicy scent of Critical. Another example is Critical Express by Positronics, for which they used the same Critical parent used for Critical #47 and Lowryder 2. The complete cycle is slightly shorter than the former (9-10 weeks), and THC content is quite high for an auto strain.

Amnesika 2.0, a Sativa with Critical genes

Since its development before 2000, Mr. Nice Seedbank Critical Mass has become one of the most popular, grown and awarded genetics in Europe, especiall

Critical mass genetics

Growing weed from Critical Mass cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively easy. A sunny, hot, dry environment is needed.

Critical mass may be susceptible to:

  • viruses
  • spiders
  • mites
  • mildew
  • mechanical damage
  • insects
  • Bacteria

Critical Mass can give you an appetite. Some persons have difficulty eating and maintaining a healthy weight due to health problems. Critical Mass weed can give the patient the appetite needed to eat an amount which will help her maintain a healthy body mass.
Critical Mass medical cannabis has CBD levels up to 5 percent. This may be enough CBD to address some types of seizures, used as recommended by a doctor. Critical Mass can also have a relaxing effect which can be useful in mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. This weed may also help improve dysphoria and psychomotor agitation in ADHD and help to improve concentration.
Critical Mass is an Indica with high CBD levels. This makes it a good choice for insomnia.

Indoors, this environment can be simulated in a tent with lights, airflow control with a fan and exhaust, as well as humidity control. Critical Mass cannabis can be susceptible to mold when humidity levels rise. 5 Gallon buckets with overflow holes in the bottom may be used to hold your soil and fertilizer (Flower Power) in which you will plant your weed. You may choose to use High-Density Discharge Lighting for your plant’s light source. Indoors, you will induce flowering with a light/dark schedule recommended by your vendor, such as 12 hours of light, 12 hours of dark. Flowering time should be in eight to nine weeks. Cultivators can expect a whopping 27 ounces per meter squared of high CBD medicinal weed.
Critical Mass Type: Critical Mass is an Indica dominant strain descended from the following strains:

The Critical Mass plants are of medium height. It is dense and heavy with green buds full of frosty resins with orange pistils and stigmas through and through. Critical mass has a sweet, citrus flavor. There is also an earthiness, a hint of pine, and wood.

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