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critical kush strain review

Critical kush strain review

As long as you’re looking for a photoperiod indica, the numbers alone make Critical Kush hard to resist. She’s 100% feminized, 100% indica and capable of pumping out up to 650 gr/m2 of dense, crystal-coated flowers after only 8 weeks (sometimes less) of blooming. Check out the reviews and you’ll have dig deep to find anything negative about this Critical Mass X OG Kush cross. That’s what convinced us to take this highly sought-after gear out for a spin to see for ourselves if she can live up to her spotless reputation.

We cut some plants right at seven and a half weeks when there was a noticeable fade, and let the rest go all the way to nine to get a higher percentage of amber. There wasn’t any noticeable swell after the seven-week mark, so we don’t feel like we lost any yield by cutting a few days early. In total, we grew four Critical Kush plants and got between 100 and 150 grams of dried bud off each one, pretty close to the 650 gr/m2 yield that Barney’s Farm published. If we’d used a more advanced training technique like SOG, we’re fairly sure we could have got even more.
Once put into the flowering stage, our Critical Kush plants had very little stretch, so the final size is very dependent on how long you veg. For us, we ended up with stocky, medium-sized plants about 75 cm tall. The canopy was nice and even and the plants kept their healthy, dark-green colour almost up to harvest.

If you decide to give Critical Kush a try, add a support system soon after you go into the flowering stage. We skipped this part because the stems were some of the sturdiest we’d ever seen, but by four and a half weeks into bloom, the branches were starting to bend to the ground from the weight. The buds were super tight, and the resin production was amazing to watch. Combined, these two traits made the flowers surprisingly heavy for their size. During the cure, they hardened up to a rock-like consistency and held most of their weight.
Critical Kush is a pure indica strain that quickly produces massive yields of beautiful dense buds that look like they were dipped, rolled, then dipped again in shimmering resin crystals. She’s fast, beginner-friendly and able to handle just about any mistake you can throw at her while still delivering a potency level that’s hard to beat. We would recommend Critical Kush under any condition, but if your stash is running low, she’s the perfect choice of cannabis seeds.
Soon after Barney’s Farm created Critical Kush, she won the High Times Cannabis Cup. Since then, this feminized seed has been a top choice for the European market. Let’s see how she stacks up!
If you decide to grow Critical Kush, keep this in mind: when we say the buds are dense, that’s no exaggeration. Make sure you clean up even small spills when you’re watering and keep a close eye on humidity levels. They seemed hardy enough and we didn’t have any problems at all, but carelessness could easily lead to mould or bud rot. When curing, burp your jars often – the same thing can happen if you don’t take care. We misplaced a jar, it didn’t get opened properly, and it happened to us.
For us, Critical Kush sprouted fast and grew quickly. She started off short and bushy with big, fat indica-style leaves exactly as we had hoped. By the third week, we topped our young seedlings and gave them another week to recover, then switched our lighting to 12/12 to force bloom.

We won’t kid you by saying you won’t be able to get up off the couch, but you probably won’t want to. In addition to the high level of THC, Critical Kush has a nice amount of CBD (2.1%) that amplifies the physical buzz. Our smoke report is purely recreational, but it’s not hard to see where this strain would have a high potential for medical use if you’re looking for better sleep, less pain or stress relief. It is definitely not a wake-and-baker; excessive morning use could ruin your entire day unless that day only involves binge-watching Netflix or playing video games.

A knockout indica, Critical Kush produces an abundance of dense, rock-hard buds that are ready to harvest after 8 weeks or less of bloom. THC tested at 25%.