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cream of the crop cash crop

Cream of the crop cash crop
High Yields & Higher Bag Appeal
Order your gear from KillaBeez SeedBank and we’ll only charge a small, flat-rate based on destination country for each order. By asking each customer to cover the actual cost of their delivery, we’re able to keep the prices of our cannabis seeds as low as possible. Every parcel departs via Royal Mail and include a tracking number that you can use to watch its progreass as it moves the postal service to your door. Or, you can just ask us & we’ll be happy to track it for you!
The flavour & aroma are wicked good, too. She’s sweet, but not too sweet, with just the right amount of earthy Skunk. The Northern Lights does tone down the Skunky notes from Big Bud Auto, but don’t get it twisted; the fragrance is detectable from a distance. Get your odour control in order as soon as you pull the trigger on these cannabis seeds. You have been warned!
NB: Germination and cultivation are not allowed if you buy your marijuana seeds from Feminized Seeds. These products are intended to be used strictly as collectible souvenirs.
Extremely Potent at 22% THC
Beginner Friendly, Bulletproof Weed seeds

  • Cash Crop Auto Time = 70 Days From Seed Max
  • Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto – Brilliant!
  • A Full 22% THC – Unbelievable But Totally True

Extremely Potent at 22% THC
High Yields & Higher Bag Appeal
Cash Crop Auto has the perfect name – massive yields, astronomical power & flash finishes. These seeds don’t cost a million, but they’re worth it.