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cranberry pills to clean system

Cranberry pills to clean system

Instead, crushing actual cranberries into water and drinking this mixture throughout the days leading up to your drug test, or using the powder forms or even cranberry supplement pills might provide the best detoxification benefits.

Drug tests are now commonplace for pre-employment, worker’s compensation claims, and as a routine test for compliance with probation and parole.
The recommended fasting period is three days and 64 ounces of cranberry detox per day in the place of meals.

Research has shown that cranberry does in fact inhibit E-coli bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of the bladder which allows it to flush from the system through urination.

“I was still dirty on day 5 of the detox but tested again on day 7 and was clean. Very surprised. Love this detox” – Sara

The popular belief is that participating in a cranberry detox will not inhibit the metabolites from passing through your urine and showing up on your drug test. – FALSE
Cranberry may help clean you out, but when it comes to THC and passing a drug screen it will not help that much. You should drink cranberry juice and take the supplements while detoxing from weed, however this alone will not be enough to pee clean for your test.
This comes from how it uses THC dissolving ingredients that work to target marijuana toxins that are in the body and fat cells.

Ultra THC was developed by experts in their field specifically to be used for THC drug tests. It is not a generic detox that GNC, CVS and Walmart sells. Bottom line.. It works..

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