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cranberry juice weed detox

Cranberry juice weed detox
Some of the most talked about detox drinks have been carefully crafted by companies in order to provide customers with the best results possible. Others are derived from internet forums, requiring everyday kitchen ingredients and a large dose of skepticism.
Detox drinks work by flushing THC metabolites out of the system. They are comprised of various substances that are supposed to cleanse the body of those suspicious metabolites to boost the chances of passing a drug test. However, these concoctions are not magic bullets, and a healthy dose of realism needs to be applied when taking them. Chugging a detox drink after hitting a fat bowl hours before work won’t instantly remove the psychoactive cannabinoid from your circulatory system. A short period of abstinence is required alongside these liquids in order to maximise effectiveness.
Various different drug screening methods can detect THC use, such as hair samples, blood samples, and urine samples. Chances are that your workplace will most likely elect to test urine samples. THC metabolites can stay in the body for varying amounts of time, with factors such as the potency of the weed, metabolism, and the amount of weed smoked contributing to overall duration.
Regardless of your reasons for smoking weed, if your employer conducts routine or even last minute drug tests, there are ways to improve your chances of passing them. Even if you have invited THC into your bloodstream fairly recently, detox drinks are an effective way of ridding these molecules from your system before work gets the chance to bust you for it.
However, cranberry juice for general detoxing has been suggested by alternative doctors and naturopaths. A mixture of cranberry juice and water is reported to flush the kidneys, lymphatic system, and intestines of toxins, and may provide results within a single week. A mix of cranberry juice, water, electrolytes, and B-vitamin complex will help to dilute your urine and really get bladder momentum going.
Do you have a drug test coming up soon? Have you been hitting the bong quite frequently lately? Well fear not, there is still a chance you could pass the test with flying colours. These detox drinks are reported to help remove THC from the system.
It is reported that lemon juice has the ability to flush THC metabolites out of the system in surprisingly small quantities. It is advised to mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with 500ml of water, which should be sipped frequently over the course of several hours. The goal here is to drink this mixture around 7–8 times over a few days before a drug screening. If you’ve been hitting the vape pretty hard recently, be sure to carry a bottle of this mixture around with you to ensure you consume enough.
A warm hug-in-a-mug beverage consumed by millions, this stimulating drink may also be an effective way to expel THC metabolites from the system, which is great news for coffee lovers. Coffee is a natural diuretic, meaning it helps to remove excess water from the body. Drinking a good amount of espresso combined with water and electrolytes will really help to open the floodgates.
Lemon juice has been proposed as a detox drink in general. Many health gurus and fitness preachers espouse its effectiveness in cleansing the body and shifting toxins. Some experts are unsure whether lemon really has strong detoxing properties, but the citrus fruit does contain hefty amounts of vitamins nonetheless.
While cannabis is remarkably safe, stigma still surrounds the herb. Many employers test for THC, but these detox drinks may help you pass future drug tests.
Cranberry juice weed detox
When used as a diuretic, cranberry juice works in the same manner as water, coffee, or tea.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any research done to prove the amount of salicylic acid present in a given amount of cranberry juice.
Cranberry juice contains salycic acid, pectin, zinc. All of these are known as possible remedies that can help you to pass a drug test

Zinc sulfate can invalidate urine drug and alcohol testing but can be detected using the novel spot tests developed.
American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Volume 140, Issue 4, October 2013, Pages 572–578

When taken a few hours before a drug test, pectin in cranberry juice is thought to bind to the drug metabolites in the blood (it does not affect metabolites in the fat) thereby adding them to your poop instead of urine.
While this theory seems so assuring, do know that it does not have any scientific backing to it.
Marijuana is known to be the most soluble in fat. This is what makes it quite difficult to detox from the body especially for overweight, hard users.
There is a catch to this though. Contrary to what previous studies suggested, the latest research including this PubMed paper of 2013 state that there are new spot tests that have been developed to detect the availability of zinc in the urine.
This school of thought is based on several weight-loss studies that involved cranberry juice.
Cranberry Juice – The Legend and its Impact on THC Drug Testing You must have heard that cranberry juice helps in passing drug tests, right? There’s also a chance that you are somewhat