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couchlock strain

Couchlock strain
If you don’t want to get up from your couch any time soon, there are few strains that can make that happen more effectively than Crystal.
Named after a covert CIA operation, MK Ultra truly earns the name due to infamously potent and fast-acting effects.
In a rush? Here are the top 10 best couch lock strains:
A favorite of recreational and medicinal patients alike, OG Kush delivers a mixture of happiness and relaxation that entices – rather than forces – you to stay put on the couch.
“Couch lock” refers to that strong but blissful feeling that some strains provide, making it almost impossible to want to get up from the couch!
It can contain up to 20% THC, with buds so sticky and dense that they almost feel like a block of hash resin!
Gorilla Glue #4 S1 is the reversed, self-pollinating variety of the well-known GG#4 strain.
Couch lock strains are also highly prized by medicinal users for augmenting the pain-relieving and highly-relaxing effects of Cannabis.
Not to be underestimated, even seasoned smokers will be impressed by a THC level of 19%!
Looking for the best couch lock strains? Look no further! We've compiled the ultimate list of heavy strains to melt you into the couch after a long day!