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The Black is another black strain, although its nugs are not really that dark. It was discovered in during the 1980’s, but it didn’t become popular until 2008.

Dark Devil is a cross of Big Devil XL and an unknown Ruderalis plant. It is a magnificent mixture of genetics which makes this strain a simple must have for growers.
Some strains have a genetic trait which adjusts the color of the flowers and leaves when certain conditions are applied. These conditions include specific temperatures, type of nutrients, and many other variables.

Aside from high CBD levels, this strain draws great traits from both of its parents. Peach Purée is a cross of Sweet Diesel and California Orange.
However, the thing that makes the Black Domina stand out are her incredible pistils. The pale white-yellowish pistils and purple flowers look like something straight out of an alien movie.
To help you bring some new colorful plants to your garden, I’ve decided to make a list of the most beautiful strains I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.
If you’re extremely lucky one of your Bubblelicious plants may carry the pink phenotype, similar to Pink Kush. This phenotype is known to bring out pink pistils in this strain, after which it got its name.
It grows mostly sideways, so its bushes get both huge and skunky!

Bubblelicious is also known for their wonderful scent of bubblegum, which means the fragrance will probably visit your neighbor’s yard.

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