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complete hydroponic kits

Complete hydroponic kits

The Aeroponic 20 Kit Includes:

Tight on space? The FarmTek Micro Dutch Bucket System above has a footprint of only 38″ x 30″, yet grows 4 full-sized tomatoes, eggplants or peppers. #113621- $351

Nutrient Film Technique

  • These hydroponic kits have everything you need to get going (growing).
  • Step-by-step instructions were written by good ‘ole Americans! (No translation necessary)… If you can read, you can succeed!
  • Superb customer service backs you up every step of the way- (But these kits are so user-friendly, chances are you won’t even need us).

The VersaGrow system offers the perfect blend of performance and simplicity at a very competitive price. It provides “good bones” for a super-productive system. You supply the desired media and growth method (Adaptable to Aeroponic, Drip, or Ebb and Flow; compatible with any medium).
#113594 – 8′ pro system – $3,909
HydroTek Ebb & Flow Systems

If you want to try a much cheaper system first, you might like this:

Are you a kit person like me? Then one of these complete hydroponic kits is for you!

Complete hydroponic kits

The system uses 13 spray heads to deliver the water and nutrients in mist form to the root area of the clones. This is a complete system, requiring minimal setup and assembly. It does not include any grow lights as usual.

  • Simple DWC system with six individual grow sites
  • Uses six plastic buckets, 3.5-gallon capacity
  • Has a commercial grade air pump, with six separate air lines
  • Each bucket contains a 2″ air stone for oxygenation
  • Grow sites are 6″ net cups on the lids of the buckets
  • Package includes a 10L bag of growing medium (clay pebbles)
  • Measure 30 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Weigh 31 pounds

The package is pretty comprehensive and includes everything you need to get started, including the modules, fittings, tubing, controller, and reservoir. You even get small 1 quart bottles of nutrient systems.

CloneKing is a very popular option for both experts and beginners alike due to its overall efficiency and accessibility. It also has a very compact footprint.
The neoprene inserts are reusable, and you can continuously use this cloning machine to create clones of your favorite plants for your garden or hydroponics system.

  • Completely autonomous drip water hydroponics system
  • Each module is capable of growing a single plant (small, medium or large size)
  • Uses square plastic buckets as reservoir (4-gallon size)
  • Each bucket module contains pumping column, drip ring, air pump, nutrients and growing medium
  • Available in different specifications – Individual, Module, 8-Pack

You only need to add the seedlings, water, power and grow lights. The system has very few moving parts and is easy to install. The large reservoir will need frequent maintenance though.
Here, you get a single structure that has multiple grow sites integrated into it. The hexagonal structure has six grow sites, built into the lid inserts that sit on top of the reservoir.

Despite its diminutive size (15x10x7 inches), this is an entirely autonomous standalone unit. It requires minimal assembly, and you can start growing your plant within a matter of minutes.
The central unit is a four-gallon square plastic bucket, with a two gallon growing chamber inside. The system uses a built-in pumping column drip ring to handle the watering of your plant.

Ready-made hydroponic kits are a fast-growing niche. Check out our hydroponic systems reviews to figure out which one suits your needs the best.