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colorado strains

Colorado strains

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Christopher Wallace
If you’re going to name a strain after one of America’s most beloved musicians, it had better live up to the name. Although Christopher Wallace’s taste might be a little too gritty for some, this Trill strain brings all the party and no bullshit to the table. It’s just a shame that tokers in Bed-Stuy can’t enjoy it because of federal prohibition.
Given its calming and sedating qualities, Opium’s name is well deserved. The high is soothing for the body and mind, relieving stress, pressures and pain — or making you forget about them, at the very least. Although heavily used for medical purposes, Opium is also great for a night in, as its relaxing and visual effects keep the senses stimulated for a good amount of time before you slip into the inevitable doze.

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The start of July is the real halfway point on the calendar, but baseball holds its all-star game with less than half of the season left, so why can’t we? With over thirty strains reviewed so far in 2018, here are the ten most popular cuts of cannabis we’ve written about.
The school bus I saw on my way home yesterday was a sad reminder that summer doesn’t last forever. That feeling of imprisonment has been diluted now that I work year-round, but it’s still depressing to see the sunshine disappear and the jackets come out. Sorrow was soon replaced with inspiration, however, as I suddenly realized it was time for our mid-summer cannabis classic.
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With over thirty marijuana strains reviewed through 2018, here are the ten most popular cuts I've reviewed so far.