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colorado outdoor grow

Whether you’re a Colorado resident or considering a transplant to our fine state, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan on growing your own cannabis garden outdoors. Aside from learning where to find the best marijuana seeds in Colorado, you’ll also need to make sure your grow space meets the regulations outlined by the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

  • The size: If your plants will remainin pots, their size will be limited, but if you plant marijuana plants directly in the soil, their roots could expand exponentially, allowing ample foliage growth. When planning your greenhouse, be sure to account for the potential size of your plants, which will almost double in size during the flower period.
  • The smell: Your greenhouse design might be sufficient for keeping out unwanted guests, but it won’t do much to keep the smell in. Especially during its last few months, marijuana plants emit a powerful odor which, pleasant as it might be for some, could have some neighbors thinking otherwise.
  • Pests and contaminants: Controlling for pests outdoors is significantly more difficult than it would be in a sterile indoor grow room. Though your enclosure will help keep birds, a rabbits and squirrels away, smaller pests like aphids or spider mites can still find their way in. Keep them under control with organic sprays and plant deterrents, and be diligent about checking them.

My favorite herb, cannabis, requires a bit more consideration than simply where to plant it, though. Regulations about how accessible the plants are, how many there are, where they can be grown and whom should come in contact with them all make planning a cannabis garden all the more time-consuming.

I love spring time. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and my toes finally have a chance to thaw before the heat of the sun kicks in. But the one thing that I love the most about spring is the time I get to spend in my garden preparing soil, planning my layout and planting my favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs.
Have you ever grown your own marijuana outdoors? Would you like to? Tell us about it.
Tuesday April 7, 2015
Fortunately, you can build your own greenhouse for relatively cheap using old windows or clear, corrugated plastic sheets. Free greenhouse plans are available online to help you get started.

    Limit your plants: In Colorado, home growers are allowed to have up to six plants per person or 12 per household, but you can only have half flowering at a time. When you grow outdoors, expect all plants to flower at the same time (which is usually around September and October when the days start getting shorter).
  • No kids allowed!: Finally (and perhaps most importantly), remember that only adults should have access to your marijuana grow. According to Colorado law, this includes anyone over 21, or 18 with a valid medical card.
  • Growing marijuana outdoors is legal in Colorado, but there are regulations to be aware of before adding cannabis to your garden.

    Colorado outdoor grow

    2. Southern Exposure
    When looking for a good location to grow, keep an eye out for an area with southern exposure. This means an area with no hills, trees or buildings blocking your precious sun. Maximize your sunlight exposure.

    4. Timing With Planting
    Growing outdoors successfully hinges on how happy your plants are. Giving them a good start from day one makes a big difference. If planting clones outside, wait until mid May. The long nights early in the spring will often induce flowering much too early. If you start your plants inside, make sure you don’t move them outside until the days are longer and the nights shorter. Seeds can be started the end of March or April as long as the freezing nights are behind you.
    10. Preparing for Harvest
    When you grow big happy plants, you always need to think ahead. When you get ready to harvest your plants, have a place to hang and dry all your precious bud. Having a nice clean room is ideal. Sometimes that isn’t possible. So be creative. Sometimes you have to hang a tarp to keep rain and leaves off your drying buds. Make sure you have a plan for airflow. Even in your tarp tent you might need some fans. That might mean a small quiet generator. Don’t forget the scissors. Fiskers are awesome.

    6. Start With 1 Line Of Nutrients
    Like indoor growing, start with 1 brand of nutrients. That brand of nutrients has everything your plants need to be happy. Adding to much fertilizer can overdo it and cause problems.
    Regulations for growing Marijuana outdoors in Colorado:
    Growing your own marijuana isn’t as simple as growing your own tomatoes. If you plan on adding cannabis to your veggie garden this year, then make sure you’re well within Colorado law by following these simple rules:
    3. Good Soil
    Good soil doesn’t have to mean bags of expensive soils. Granted this can give you great results, but it isn’t always cost effective or necessary. Find a landscape supply company that sells bulk soil, you can start with that and save a lot of money. $30–$70 bucks can get you an entire truckload of quality soil. Make sure the soil has good drainage and add perlite if needed. While soil with some nutrients is great, don’t forget you can always feed your plants when you water. Adding amendments to the soil is an easy and cheap way to boost your soils potential.
    7. Larger Holes = Larger Plants
    When you dig your holes, or choose your beds or bags, size matters. A deeper and wider area for the roots will produce a bigger health plant. Dig those holes big. You will never have a problem with too big of a hole, but it’s easy to run out of room because your hole or bag is too small.
    • Limit your plants: In Colorado, home growers are allowed to have up to six plants per person or 12 per household, but you can only have half flowering at a time. When you grow outdoors, expect all plants to flower at the same time (which is usually around September and October when the days start getting shorter).
    Rather than pull half of your plants at this time, I suggest planting only three to six female plants. You can find out the gender early if you force-flower clones under artificial light.

    8. Training
    Training your plants can increase yield. Topping plants, cages, trellises, super cropping, or low stress training (LST) encourages more lateral growth and more tops. The more tops you grow, the more tops you harvest.

    Colorado outdoor grow 1. K.I.S.S. K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t try and over think your garden. Sun, soil, water. With that, you can grow some plants. 2.