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colorado marajana strains the farm

Colorado marajana strains the farm

The New

On Tuesday, May 21, lines started forming at 5 a.m. outside Cannavine, a licensed adult use store in Ukiah, CA. Growers got up early for clones of the new, limited-release dessert strain Vanilla Frosting.

Dark Heart also enters year two of producing award-winning WhoOody clones—a cross of Gucci OG and Sour Strawberry from Colorado’s Nerds Genetics.
Guava Jelly CBD
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Sweet and pretty, with a mild, stony lift, Purple Punch took over so many commercial gardens in 2018, selling it became a race to the bottom. We bought a $6 eighth-ounce of Purple Punch in Portland this spring. This summer, Punch progeny will populate hobby gardens nationwide.

Skip the Chinese CBD isolate for the full-spectrum healing of CBD Glue Tide. (Courtesy of Equilibrium Genetics)

Now's the time to start gardening new types of Gelato, Purple Punch, and Original Glue to have a pound of buds by fall. Here's the most hyped new varieties the world's biggest legal marijuana seed and clone sellers.

The staff is very down-to-earth, friendly & helpful. It is run like a well-oiled machine! Maggie’s Farm is top notch. I love the point system and receiving texts about the weekly specials! You all Rock!

JoyFox, Leafly (S. CO Springs)
Maggie’s members always get a great experience every time they shop. Knowledgeable budtenders, great selection, loyalty rewards, and the best sun-grown product. Color, taste, tightly-compacted, quality buds, and the exclusive strains are plentiful!

Flower strains are seasonal and various strains are stocked at different times throughout the year, visit our stores to see what’s available.
Jamie C., Facebook
Farm Valley is a hybrid strain with unknown lineage.
Cynthia M., Google (Manitou)
I have brought guests who visit from out of town through this store for little edibles, but mostly for the experience. The employees here are very helpful, informative and they know how to move the line efficiently. I am impressed by their ability to be so frank and explain things in plain English to those of us who don’t speak “marijuana.” Lol. Good job guys!

I really like going to Maggie’s Farm, whether it is in Canon City, Pueblo or Manitou Springs. The staff is friendly and informative, and always ready to answer any questions. I like the fact that there are no artificial pesticides used.

Farm Valley is a hybrid strain with unknown lineage.