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colorado kush strain

“Nice Flower. Good body high, good aroma, and it works!.”

“I have this strain homegrown and I find it an extremely potent flower! Only complaint is it knocked me out, also got rid of all my back and stomach pains. Love it!!”
“Awesome flavor, nice cerebral head high followed by a rolling body high that makes falling asleep a breeze. Great for getting home from work, playing a game, and then passing out.”

“Living in Colorado and being a local smoker, Colorado Chem is a VERY good strain. High potency, and just a nice finished flower product.”
The secret word today is…. Locals Kush
“It’s actually a soothing hybrid, relaxed the crap out of my body and mind. I did notice that there was a bit missing in terms of how hard it hit though.”
Tell your Budtender the secret word for this killer indica testing at 25.48%THC!

“Earthy, tangy flavor, contrary to other reviews I would say it hits hard. Very euphoric, makes eyes crossed.”

Colorado Kush! Durango Rec Room! Colorado Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Cannarado Genetics. The plant has high yields.