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colorado cannabis cup

Best CBD Oil
1st Place – Raspberry Glue by Wonder Leaf
2nd Place – Harmonia by The Farm

Best CBD Wax
1st Place – Super Lemon Tsu by Ajaya
2nd Place – Durbon Tsu
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Best Tincture
1st Place – NectorBee Tincture Berry
Most Potent Flower
1st Place – Bio Star by High Level Health
2nd Place – Rood Dawg by Golden Leaf
Best Hybrid Flower
1st Place – Granola Funk by Denver-Rec
2nd Place – Gorilla Glue #4 by B. Good
Best Indica Flower
1st Place – Holy Grail Kush by Denver-Rec
2nd Place – Skywalker Kush by High Level Health
Best Topical
1st Place – Mary Jane’s Salve
2nd Place – Luxe Leaf Body Butter

The results for the Dope Cup Colorado 2017 are in:

Dope Cup Colorado

Colorado cannabis cup

1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Clementine Live Terp Badder
2nd Place: Kush Masters – Hawaiian Sunset Live Diamonds
3rd Place: High Level Health – Platinum Valley Live Sugar

1st Place: Dank By Pank – Orange Cookies
2nd Place: Den-Rec – Granola Funk
3rd Place: High Level Health – MAC
Indico – Mandarin Sunset

1st Place: Canyon – Chew It Sour Lemonade CBD Gummy
2nd Place: Coda Signature – Coffee & Doughnuts 1:1 CBD Chocolate Bar
3rd Place: Sugar High – Cookie & Cream Crunch CBD 1:1 Chocolates
1st Place: Coda Signature – Balance CBD Vape Cart
2nd Place: Magnus Concentrates – Apple Jack CBD 1:1 Cart
3rd Place: High Level Health – Platinum C4 CBD Cart
High Country Cones – French Whore Infused Pre-Roll
Harmony Extracts – Banana Kush Ice Nectar
Canyon – Chew It Sour Lemonade CBD Gummy

Oh Hi Beverages – Pomegranate Sparkling Seltzer

Congratulations to the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado 2019!