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colloidal silver for plants

Often, those who claim to be “protecting the environment,” are in reality merely protecting the global corporate masters who would lose hundreds of billions of dollars in profits if their synthetic chemicals were no longer being used.

“…we performed some limited, plant-oriented evaluations utilizing colloidal silver.
Not only did the application of silver nanoparticles destroy the pathogenic plant fungus, but according to the study authors, it caused no significant harm to beneficial soil microbes needed by the green onion plants for growth, nor was there any negative change in the soil chemistry or composition.

Additionally… it is safe for the environment and agricultural products.
Our initial investigation involved experiments designed to determine if colloidal silver would yield beneficial effects on ‘fire-blight’ associated with pear trees and pyracantha shrubs.
In other words, the plants themselves apparently reduce absorption of the silver when high levels are used on them to control the plant blight.
…and she won a blue ribbon first-place award for her veggies at the local fair. (Not to mention feeding me week after week all summer long with fresh organic squash, tomatoes, black berries, artichokes, cantaloupe and more!)
Only mercury( I) and (II), and to a lesser extent copper, offer serious competition.”

“I add about 1/2 ounce of colloidal silver to the water when I am rooting plant cuttings. No more stagnant water with rotted cuttings.”

Have you ever wondered about using colloidal silver in your garden, to control plant fungus…

Colloidal silver for plants

  • colloidal silver method or
  • rodelization (sometimes spelled “rhodelization” or “rodilization”)

Avoid most problems when making colloidal silver by:

So far for me, it’s worked 100% of the time. Any male plants that do result when growing feminized seeds are probably genetic females that are growing with male characteristics.
Make Your Own: You can make your own colloidal silver generator at home. The diagram below should illustrate what you need to do.
So what can you do? If you create feminized cannabis seeds, then all the resulting plants will be female and you never have to worry about male cannabis plants again.
There are two main methods to create your own feminized cannabis seeds:

  • Unreliable
  • May not produce many feminized seeds

Unlike the rodelization method described below, you are not selecting for plants that show hermaphrodite traits. The genes of the plant are completely unaffected. This method will also produce a lot of pollen consistently compared to the rodelization method.

There are two main methods to create your own feminized cannabis seeds: the colloidal silver spray method or using rodelization.