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cold climate autoflowering seeds

But what if you are “blessed” with a cold climate, strong winds and heavy rainfall? For those, we have a top 3 with the best strains for cold weather.

Growing in cold climates is certainly not impossible but brings several challenges. Choosing the right seeds is the first step and significantly increases the chance of a successful breeding. Combine the seeds with the right measures and your cultivation will be a success.
If you don’t choose a strain that is resistant to cold weather, the chances are that your crop will fail. Therefore we can conclude that the success of growing cannabis in cold conditions largely depends on the chosen seeds.

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Although it’s more difficult to grow cannabis outdoors in a cold climate like the Northern climate, it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, you can achieve good results in cold weather. However, you do need a species that is strong and robust enough to withstand cold conditions. These are preferably species that develop thick stems and are resistant to pests and fungi. Here, you can think of autoflowers for example but also many feminized species are suitable for cold climates.
Fortunately there are various cannabis seeds suitable for the northern climate. To help you choose a strain we have put together a top 3 with the best cannabis seeds for cold climates. If you choose one of these species then you know for sure that you choose a strain suitable for your climate.
Our Blue Cheese autoflower is very suitable if you are looking for ease. This species flowers based on age and is generally ready for harvesting than non-autoflowers. The plant isn’t susceptible to disease and produces good yields (even in a cold climate) that can reach up to 400 grams per m2 which is pretty much for an autoflower. Blue Cheese is also popular because of its fruity taste and mild effect.
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Growers who want to grow a classic strain with a relatively high THC content in a cold climate often opt for White Widow. The White Widow is a reliable species. Although the plant (like almost all other plants) achieves better results in a sunny climate, the White Widow produces good yields even in cold weather thanks to its high mold resistance and thick branches. A real must!

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