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coffee pouring gif

Coffee pouring gif

20 g coffee – 340 g water – 3 min brew time
= 307 ml/298 g brewed coffee

Pour hot water through the filter to wet the paper and to warm up the filter and the cup/decanter. Use the hot water afterwards to water your houseplants.
Pour more water with a rotating movement on the grounds until the scale shows 200 grams. Let steep for 30 sec.

Hario V60 is a manual brewing classic
Measure and grind coffee.
Use the rest of the water to first clean up the brim of the filter and then pour the rest of the water on the grounds with a rotating movement until the scale shows 340 grams.
Wet the coffee. Use 60 grams of water (three times the dry weight of ground coffee). Bloom for 30-45 sec.
Add the ground coffee to the filter.

Swirl the cup/decanter before serving. And enjoy!

Brewing coffee with Hario V60 is easy and the coffee comes out with full of flavours. Learn how to make coffee with Hario V60 by watching this video!

Coffee pouring gif

With a pretty weak coffee maker.

Mike makes for the best .gifs. Here’s another one, from “Say My Name” — Mike calmly pours himself a cup of sound ground before getting raided by Hank and his DEA goons.
How about Walt’s wife, Skyler? She’s broken more than just a little bad over the course of the series, and that includes abusing that perfectly good “Area 51” mug as an indoor ash tray.

At Denny’s in season 5’s “Live Free Or Die“, your meal is free on your birthday if you show valid ID. Your valid idea might be totally fake, and you could be using Denny’s as a front to purchase an enormous machine gun, but the breakfast – and coffee – is still totally gratis.
Even with all the Gale uber brew, cooking meth for Gus Fring is tiresome. In the third season’s bottle episode spectacular, “Fly“, coffee is the delivery system Jesse uses to peacefully knock out a deranged, bug-addled Walt.
Gale Boetticher’s impressive vacuum reflux/distillation set-up is just a drop in the (human goo) barrel, as coffee is just one of many underlying thematic props for the writers of Breaking Bad. We’ve made a series of .gifs for some of our favorite classic coffee moments in the series, which currently airs every Sunday night on AMC this fall, leading up to show’s heart-pounding finale on September 29th. We’ll be in Los Angeles that night, attending the epic finale event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, alongside the show’s cast, crew, and biggest fans.
The mug is significant, or something, because the episode takes place on Walt’s 51st birthday, and is titled “Fifty-One“. We also know the show’s many ominous flash-forwards take place on Walt’s 52nd birthday. Fans are fairly certain this all matters – something about breakfast and the color yellow.
Who just so happens to be bugging his office with a listening device…

Back to the fourth season now, to an episode called “Problem Dog” – the episode for which actor Aaron Paul locked down his 2012 Emmy award Best Supporting Actor award. Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman, manages to make the simple act of brewing coffee in a crummy automatic machine into a moment fraught with deep tension. Maybe it’s the ricin in his pocket. Maybe it’s the flavor crystals.

Our lives, synthesized.