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cloud 9 strain

Cloud 9 strain

It only takes a few hits of Cloud 9 before a euphoric bliss washes over one’s previous disposition, inducing a happy cerebral high. It leaves a pleasant impression, especially when the dosage is paced. Going beyond THC tolerance levels can lead to an overwhelming experience that plays a few tricks in the mind. Hence, it is essential that users stay within limits.

Growing the strain is also quite easy. The influence of its Milky Way parent strengthened its frame while retaining the high yields of its NYC Diesel parent. Its great blend took home the 3rd Place in Bio Seed Strain at the High Life Cannabis Cup in 2008.
Cloud 9’s claim to fame is its generosity with regard to buds. It delivers high yields that are thickly coated in trichomes that sparkle when shined upon. It produces fluffy-looking buds that taper on each end but with a dense middle in spite of its Indica-leaning genes.

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As alluded to earlier, it does not need much vertical space. It can be grown in small spaces and maximized through the Sea of Green method. Another way to improve yields is by choosing a hydroponics medium. It delivers nutrients directly to the roots, encouraging roots to grow out and developing more budding sites. Soil, however, improves flavors. After 8 to 10 weeks of growing, Cloud 9 produces between 400 to 500 grams of buds per square meter of growing area.
At the comedown, Cloud 9 plants a heaviness in the limbs that tranquilizes both the mind and body. Because of this, the Indica-leaning strain is best used late in the afternoon when one is at home after a long day at work.
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Headaches, dizziness, and a subtle feeling of paranoia are possible while smoking Cloud 9. It can last for a few hours but may extend to the next day when going beyond one’s tolerance to THC. In such cases, users should take it easy and start with low dosages.

For some, insomnia is the hardest thing to battle at the end of the day. Cloud 9 lives up to its name by delivering a head-to-toe tranquilizing high. Users gradually feel drowsy and flop on the bed in deep relaxation.

Cloud 9 Strain leans toward Indica but with the qualities of a Sativa. It has a buildable high, from its THC of 12% to 19%, that can be used as a brainstorming companion in the morning or as a recreational treat for an end-of-the-day with friends. Read our full strain review for all info.