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clear rolling paper

Clear rolling paper
Dear Consumers, Partners and Distributors,
They burn quite well and very different then a normal white paper. They sort of compact around your cigarette as you are smoking and therefore provide a very tight pull. It’s quite unlike smoking a normal cigarette. They also have a sweet taste on the lips. This is part of the Glycerin effect. Glycerin tastes sweet. Burning Glycerin does release Acrolein (a carcinogen). This may sound bad but remember that burning Tobacco releases LOTS of carcinogens – lots more then that small amount of Glycerin!
Here is a copy of the apology letter Aleda recently posted on their website:
Paper is naturally BROWN in color – not Clear. Clear papers are made using a chemically intrusive process and would likely have a harsher impact on the environment then white paper. We have filed a fraud complaint against / Pure Clear Rolling Papers LLC with the FTC and we hope our readers will do the same. Pure Papers is a marketing company from Beverly Hills California. They are not a longstanding Tobacco company such as Republic, Imperial, HBI or Gizeh/Mascotte. The truly healthiest cigarette is said to be one rolled in an unbleached paper (Reference)
Clear papers are really a LOT of fun to roll with (They’re a ‘Trip’ hah hah). They also burn quite well, nice slow and smooth. A friend pulled out some clear cigarettes at a pub the other day and we ended up having a blast showing them to everyone in the place. They are a great attention-getter and conversation-starter! We do like the product, we think it’s fun to use and roll with, we just don’t like the Aleda, PURE, and Smokies guys printing false information and tricking consumers into thinking the product is more natural then regular white rolling papers.
It seems like so many companies just can’t resist – continually false advertising to consumers. Smokies (AKA Smoklies) is the newest clear paper we have seen. They joined right in by printing lies. Smokies are not made from vegetables and they are not made from 100% cellulose. Cellophane does contain chemicals, and their product also contains lead and arsenic, possibly at significantly higher levels then a quality white paper. Another FTC complaint has been filed against them.

  • Candies
  • Cakes
  • Non-Sugar Sweeteners
  • In cooking in general

Not only did Roopa print the most amount to date of outright lies and false statements, but they went an additional step by saying that Cellophane is “a paper in the raw”. Thus they’re trying to associate smoking Cellophane with the unbleached RAW rolling papers. That’s really over the top! Let’s recount their lies for them:

  • 1) They claim the product is made from Vegetables
    • Absolute lie, it’s made from Wood, Glycerin and Water
  • 2) They claim the product is made from 100% cellulose
    • Another lie, it’s made from Wood Cellulose, Glycerin and Water.
  • 3) They claim that Cellophane is “finished at a phase in the manufacturing process before the chemical compounds are added, eliminating any doubts in relation to the health of our customers”
    • Another really big lie, Cellophane is made in an entirely different process as outlined here. The process used to make these clear papers is extremely toxic and uses very harsh chemicals.
  • 4) They claim to meet EU’s chemical standards –
    • we don’t know if they are lying again, however these standards are for Cellophane as a PACKING MATERIAL, not intended to be used in burning as a cigarette paper.
  • 5) They claim that lead, arsenic and heavy metals are required to make paper white
    • Absolute lie, We could continue this list forever, the bottom line is that they are using completely false statements to try and trick you into smoking their product. You can see their entire Power Point presentation here.

This film is treated with emollients which give the softness and humidity with emphasis on its high shininess and the highest transparency.
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