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cinderella 99 grow journal

Paid £120 for these 12 seeds. So I’ll be searching for a very special plant or 2 here.

I have me a 12 pack of Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 Regular on the way.
I will start these in tiny pots. I must keep them in small pots until I’ve had a property inspection in a few weeks time. Then I’ll set the roots free.

I’ll be growing in Bio Bizz all mix soil, using organic nutrients. Bio Bizz Fish Mix, Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy and Plant Magic Bloom.
I’m going to do a journal on this supreme strain.
I’ll be using 315w ceramic metal halide 3100k agro lamps, alongside 4200k daylight 315w cmh lamps in 2 separate 4ft x 4ft area’s.
One of their most famous strains has been reissued. Welcome back the legendary Cinderella 99. Brothers Grimm have recreated her using all the experience gleaned from years of reflection and observation. When Brothers Grimm closed their shop in 2002, the small batches of their original seeds were quickly used up. Luckily some elite growers continued to clone their Cinderella 99 moms to preserve them, and several notable breeders continued the legacy by creating hybrids of C99. Selected individuals they grew from the original batch of C99 were evaluated until a male was chosen to pollenate the original “Holy Grail” Princess female. The result is connoisseur quality cannabis. This batch produces a fairly high percentage of purple leaf edges and calyxes. Expect crystal covered tight buds reeking of tropical fruit aroma and an extremely speedy, creative high. The finished plant will reach height of around 1m. Each plant yields an enormous amount of fruity, resin-covered buds that will need the support. This variety will surely amaze you!
I suffer with PTSD, also have medicated using C’99 before. I found ‘for myself’ it is the finest medicine on the planet! Supreme quality that nothing else I’ve grown or seen comes close to. There is no other strain in the same ball park as C’99!

Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds – Brothers Grimm – Experience a timeless classic!

I have me a 12 pack of Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 Regular on the way. I'm going to do a journal on this supreme strain. I suffer with PTSD, also have…