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chocolate heavan

Chocolate heavan

The little individual chocolates cost 8€ for 100g (about 12 chocolates) and it’s nice to take some time working your way along the shelves that are packed with small piles of gleaming squares, deciding which flavours to pop into the bag.

The first thing that hits you when you walk in is the smell – it (understandably) smells of chocolate -not the nasty artificial scent that is sometimes pumped out in shops, but a rich intoxicating smell, so thick that you can almost taste it.
Perfect chocolate pyramids
and huge slabs of milk & dark chocolate studded with nuts and fruit, which have been broken into more easily manageable ‘shards’…..

One thing is for certain – it is always money well-spent. Each chocolate is worth savouring, the initial resistance of the outer shell, followed by the rich, flavoured ganache or other centre (mint being one of my favourites!) How I could go on!!
…….. and after visiting many chocolate shops over the years (all in the interests of research of course) La Cour Aux Saveurs is the closest I’ve come to finding it!
Shards of handcrafted chocolate studded with fruits & nuts
to beautifully made glossy individual chocolates, each infused with a different flavour.
I’ve always loved the images Joanne Harris created in her novel ‘Chocolat’ where the chocolatier, Vianne knows which chocolate is going to be ‘the one’ for each customer. The detail of the smell and the whole ambiance of the shop where…..

‘The air is hot and rich with the scent of chocolate. Quite unlike the white powdery chocolate that I knew as a boy, this has a throaty richness like the perfumed beans from the coffee stall on the market, a redolence of amaretto and tiramisu, a smoky burnted flavour that enters my mouth somehow and makes it water.’ Joanne Harris – Chocolat

With so much choice the hardest part is where to start?
The nice thing is that you’re never rushed and the lady in the shop is always happy to explain each flavour – from Caramel (fleur du sel) to Lavender and some more unusual ones too! There are always tasters available to help you make your decision or to encourage you to try something a little bit different.

I make no bones about it – I love chocolate & last night sat with a glass of wine & my latest purchase from the wonderful 'Chocolatier' La Cour aux Saveurs in L'Isle Sur La Sorgue. Back in February I was staying there (in the town that is, not the chocolate shop) whilst house…